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Cadillac Hot Rods

The experts from Popular Hot Rodding Magazine offer featured Cadillac Hot Rods that include street rods, old roadsters, rat rods, and other custom vintage cars. Select a featured article below to view web exclusive hot rod photos, read about modification upgrades, analysis, and more.

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oil pan
for what its worth,the 425,472,500 caddy are the same engine family.... more
Which issue had the photo of the 1970 Cadillac car of month
I was wondering if anyone can help me "remember" the issue that had the "fantasy" drawing of the... more
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We can list a thousand movies they killed our classics. It goes back to the Laurel and Hardy... more
What Engine Should We Build Next?
I personally am a cadillac 472/500 guy but that for me. I would be thrilled to see a streetable... more
What Engine Should We Build Next?
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