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The experts from Popular Hot Rodding Magazine offer featured AMC Hot Rods that include street rods, old roadsters, rat rods, and other custom vintage cars. Select a featured article below to view web exclusive hot rod photos, read about modification upgrades, analysis, and more.

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1970 AMC AMX- Under Construction
Ron Serab of Saint George, Utah, has always wanted a 1970 AMX.... more
1970 AMC AMX - Dream Team
Whether momma needs a new pair of shoes, or daddy needs a new pair of project cars, to say that the... more
1970 AMC AMX - AMXcellent
Read about this custom 1970 AMC AMX... more
1969 AMC Ambassador - 401-K Plan
All throughout the Midwest, towns are inhabited by the ghosts of car companies long...... more
Bangin' Gears
It takes a certain kind of guy to meet a tough project head-on. You only have to read the story on... more

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AMC articals
I just looked at Car Craft's index of car's they've and how to's for AMC's. I was shocked to see... more
AMC articals
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AMC articals
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AMC: No explanation necessary
Relax, partner. Stephen is just approaching the subject from the expectation of the typical non-AMC... more
AMC: No explanation necessary
I agree, the dysfunctional AMC crowd that wanders dead forums necroposting and flaming people with... more