Autocross and Road Course
The SCCA was also on hand to run the Autocross at Lake Michigan College. The South Bend Region chapter put together a fast and technical course. The SCCA changed things up this year by splitting up the group of 75 into three groups. Each group would get a total of five timed laps to accumulate their final scoring.

Just like Friday's event, the threat of rain was imminent and by the last lap of the last run group, the rain started to come down. When the dust, burnt rubber and smoke cleared, Brian Finch was the overall winner in the Vintage Class. David Mikels took the Late Model Class in his 2012 Corvette, Bret Voekel in his '33 Ford, named Grouchy, took the Manufacturers Vintage Shoot out class, and Ryan Matthews of Detroit Speed in their 2012 One Lap Camaro took the top honors in the Manufacturers Shootout Late Model Class. Jimi Day of FM3 was in attendance and awarded a Spirit of the Event award for a place in the 2013 Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational. Kenny Edwards Sr. and his 1966 Mustang were given the honor.