This completely stock restored ’70 Boss 302 Mustang is owned by Jim Beatty. We give him big props for using it in exactly the fashion it was intended rather than parking it in his living room with a velvet rope around it.

Chevelles are prolific at many of the Goodguys autocrosses we attend, and this stock-looking ’71 Chevelle has been upgraded with YearOne 17x9 Rallys and 275/40R17s. Owner Russell Pierce did most of the work on it, updating the mostly stock A-body with an LS3 crate motor.

Detroit Speed & Engineering makes some of the sweetest mail-order parts around, but they also build cars too. Paul Alderman’s DSE-built ’70 Camaro is a work of art that goes well beyond the DSE hydroformed frontend and QuadraLink rear suspension. If it looks familiar that’s because it was on the cover of the Jan. ’13 issue of Chevy High Performance.

John Dwyer’s ’69 Mustang was arguably the nicest car in the joint. A 2012 Muscle Machine of the Year finalist, this pony features a 622hp Roush-built small-block, Tremec six-speed, and an almost completely handbuilt suspension and chassis. We are working to get it into the photo studio—stay tuned!

As the winner of the Scottsdale Street Machine Autocross, there’s no reason Rodney Prouty’s homebuilt ’68 Camaro shouldn’t be chock-full of high-end suspension pieces—but it’s not. The 6.0L LS and Super T10 trans are aided only by Hotchkis bolt-ons, 17-inch Coys wheels, and the stickiest rubber allowed by the rules.

Popular Hot Rodding Street Machine Autocross
Rodney Prouty '69 Chevy Camaro 32.391
Jeff Schwarz '65 Pontiac Tempest 32.612
Dan Wieshaar '70 Dodge Challenger 33.068
Karen Leisinger '70 Chevy Camaro 33.215
Mark Allen '67 Chevy Camaro 33.223
Tom Foglesong '67 Chevy Camaro 33.299
Tim Ault '67 Chevy Camaro 33.637
Chris Hall '68 Pontiac Firebird 33.777
Bob Gawlik '72 Chevy Camaro 33.912
Wayne Hendricks '69 AC Cobra 34.223
John Dwyer '69 Ford Mustang 34.439
Bill Devine '66 AC Cobra 35.053
Nick Hall '70 Chevy Nova 35.100
Mike Thomas '63 Chevy Nova 35.247
Marty Ceccarelli '70 Chevy Camaro 35.383
Gavin Hall '59 Austin Healey 35.486
Russell Pierce '71 Chevy Chevelle 35.702
Si Roosa '67 Mercedes 35.881
Joe Witte '68 Chevy Camaro 36.145
Mark Allen '72 Chevy Camaro 36.709
Bob Hall '65 Chevy Chevelle 36.963
Jim Beatty '70 Ford Boss 36.981
Randy Karella '66 Chevy Chevelle 37.093
Jason Stucki '72 Chevy Chevelle 37.191
Gary Meshew '66 Chevy Corvette 37.345
Carl Townson '71 Chevy Nova 37.560
Matt Bauer '55 Ford T-Bird 37.586
Eric Hankins '66 Pontiac LeMans 37.958
Chase Harris '66 Ford Mustang 37.964
Terry Work '65 Ford Mustang 37.980
Bryon Pryde '69 Chevy Chevelle 38.488
Mark LaCasse '66 Dodge Dart wagon 39.988
Vince Vaccardo '65 Ford Mustang 40.362
Tom Hull '64 Ford Galaxie 40.775
Larry Boughter '62 Chevy II Nova 40.952
Dean Newman '60 Chevy Biscayne 42.260
Bradley Wesighan '71 Ford Galaxie 45.617
Jim Demetrus '67 Chevelle wagon 45.748
Tigh Nuazez '60 Cadillac 47.393
Chad Borman '69 Chevy Chevelle 48.960
Willie Taitano '61 Cadillac 38.432
Mike Nichols '67 Chevy Malibu 40.831

The Hall Effect

Meet Chris and Nick Hall. They're two brothers living in the Phoenix area who hail from England. Chris has owned this 400ci '68 Firebird for 17 years; it was built in Belgium and imported to the United States when he immigrated. Nick has the LS2-powered Ruby Red '70 Nova, which he picked up as an unfinished project about a year and a half ago. We met the Hall brothers on Facebook when we posted about our impending trip to Scottsdale. It was fun meeting these avid PHR readers face-to-face after meeting them online! Chris' imported Poncho ended up being Eighth overall, while Nick's Nova was 13th. Both are really sweet street machines.

Come Out And Join Us!

The fun continues into 2013 as Popular Hot Rodding will once again be covering the Street Machine Autocross action at selected events on the Goodguys circuit. If you like what you see and want to be a part of the action, circle these dates on your calendar and go to the Goodguys site to register today. We always go out of our way to include PHR readers in our print and online coverage, so if you make the trip, please come up and say hello—you never know, you could end up right here in PHR!

2013 PHR Street Machine Autocross Events

March 15-17: Goodguys 3rd Spring Lone Star Nationals, Texas Motor Speedway, Fort Worth, TX
April 5-7: Goodguys 13th Meguiar's Del Mar Nationals, Del Mar Fairgrounds, Del Mar, CA
May 17-19: Goodguys 8th Nashville Nationals, LP Field, Nashville, TN
July 12-14: Goodguys 16th Goodguys PPG Nationals, Ohio Expo Center, Columbus, OH
November 15-17: Goodguys 16th Southwest Nationals, Westworld, Scottsdale, AZ

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