Wellborn Muscle Car Museum

The Wellborn is the mothership for lovers of Ma Mopar, boasting the largest collection of historic Mopars in the country. Tim Wellborn grew up in a Mopar family, even helping his father pick out a new ’71 Hemi Charger. A few years later he and his wife, Pam, met and fell in love in a Mopar (a Charger that’s still in the museum) and since then they’ve shared a passion for collecting and preserving muscle car history that has culminated in an impressive museum.

What to see:

Mopars definitely rule the roost, but that doesn’t mean that’s all the Wellborns appreciate; the museum also houses a few Corvettes, 442 W-30 convertibles, Ford Boss 429 Mustangs, LS6 Chevelles, GSX Buicks, AMC Javelins, a super-rare Pontiac Ram Air IV GTO Judge convertible, a Gulf edition Ford GT, and the greatest collection of ’71 Hemi Chargers in the world.


Wellborn Muscle Car Museum

Alexander City, AL



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