1972 Nova ResurreXion
What happens to magazine project cars when the build is wrapped up, or even worse, aborted due to unforeseen circumstances? Oftentimes they quietly relocate elsewhere, never to be seen or heard from again, but occasionally a few lucky ones go on to bigger and better lives after the glitz of print. In its previous life this gorgeous '72 Nova was a project for Super Chevy magazine known as the No-Bull Nova. [We also featured it in last month's Under Construction column.-ed.] The goal was to build a no-nonsense track car that eschews creature comforts in pursuit of speed. For reasons unknown, the build sputtered out somewhere after the Speed Tech suspension was installed, but rather than remove the parts, a deal was struck and the No-Bull Nova became project ResurreXion-so named because Speed Tech decided to strip the car and start from scratch to create a rolling testbed for the company, and the "X" as a nod to the Nova's body designation.

Though it had to be show car perfect to represent the company and its products well, Blake Foster of Speed Tech loved the original ethos of the build, and decided that he'd stay true to it. After all, streetable, but fully track ready, is in line with the type of cars Speed Tech likes to build anyway. The optimal place to reveal the finished car and show its worth was, of course, the OUSCI.

Foster had a clear vision of what he wanted and the Nova came together fast-but, of course, the good luck couldn't last. While out testing the car three weeks prior to SEMA, the original motor went kablooey. The 11th-hour call went out to Richmond Engines to slam together a new 6.0L LS motor that was up to the task of competing at Optima in just two weeks. Richmond Engines really came to the party to help out, even working a couple Saturdays to get this finished in time. The new LS was broken-in on the dyno with a carb to save time, thrown into ResurreXion with EFI, and after a trip around the block, it went into the trailer and straight to Las Vegas for SEMA, followed by the Optima Challenge. All that hard work was worth it, though; Speed Tech finished with Fifth Place overall. To date, ResurreXion has only racked up around 1,000 miles, but roughly 70 percent of that has been on the road course.

By The Numbers
'72 Chevy Nova
Blake Foster; Pitt Meadows, BC, Canada
Overall Finishing Position: 5 out of 55

Type: GM LS2
Block: GM
Oiling: stock pump with American Touring Specialties LSX road-race pan, Speed Tech remote filter kit, Earl's oil cooler
Rotating assembly: stock crank with Eagle H-beam rods and Manley 10.75:1 pistons
Cylinder heads: stock LS2
Camshaft: COMP Cams .590/.590 lift, 236/236 duration at .050
Valvetrain: COMP Cams beehive springs with 1.7 rockers
Induction: LS2 intake with LS6 90mm throttle body
Exhaust: Stainless Works headers with 3-inch pipes and Dynomax VT mufflers
Fuel system: Areomotive fuel rails and pressure regulator
Ignition: LS7 coils with MSD wires
Cooling: aluminum radiator from Performance Radiator with dual 11-inch SPAL electric fans
Output: 510 hp at 6,200 rpm, 543 lb-ft of torque at 5,400
Built by: Richmond Engines
Transmission: Tremec Magnum T56
Rearend: Bears Performance fabricated 9-inch with 3.89 gears, Strange 31-spline axles, Detroit Truetrac diff
Front suspension: Speed Tech Performance Track Time front subframe with high-clearance tubular control arms, American Touring Specialties/Speedtech Performance tall forged aluminum spindles with Corvette hubs, rack-and-pinion, 1.25-inch sway bar, RideTech shocks and 500 lb/in Hyperco springs
Rear suspension: Speed Tech Performance Track Time torque arm suspension system with RideTech shocks and 220 lb/in Hyperco springs
Brakes: Baer Pro-Plus six-piston calipers with Wilwood road-race pads on 14-inch Baer rotors
Wheels: 18x9.5 and 18x11 Forgeline WC3 with 6.5-inch backspace up front, 5.5 inches in the rear
Tires: 275/35R19 and 295/35R18 Nitto NT05