1965 Corvette All That Glitters
When we first encountered Brent Javis' blindingly flaked and polished '66 Vette replete with fender flares, we had visions of '70s show cars, but in a good way. What we didn't expect was the completely custom road-race-style chassis the body was draped over. Dubbed "Maxed Out," the Vette looked to be a serious open-track competitor, but why the mile-thick metalflake and never-ending gleam on a car that clearly wants to be driven hard?

Jarvis says the original plan was to build a vintage road racer, but things escalated quickly with the engine growing to a monstrous 13:1 compression, 850hp big-block. Then things really got out of hand with paint and chrome, and before he knew it 4,000 hours of labor over the course of three years had passed, and Jarvis had a high-end show car with the heart of a racer on his hands. Time for plan B.

Now the Vette is destined for a brief campaign on the ISCA show circuit with limited event participation. Don't despair, however; a show car's life is limited and after the show days are done Jarvis says he'll probably attend some autocross events and select road-race events. Of course, when he was given one of the exclusive invitations to the OUSCI, that's not an offer to be passed up, so Jarvis had to relent and bring the beast to play. Despite some oil galley restrictor issues that kept Jarvis from running the car as hard as he wanted, the Vette showed massive potential on the road course, and while we wish it success in the ISCA, we gotta say that we secretly hope for a speedy retirement from the show circuit and a prompt reappearance on track.

By The Numbers
'65 Corvette
Brent Jarvis; Mundelein, IL
Overall Finishing Position: 19 out of 55

Type: 565ci big-block Chevy
Block: Dart
Oiling: standard wet sump
Rotating assembly: 4.250-inch stroke crank with 13:1 forged pistons
Cylinder heads: Dart 355, CNC-ported
Camshaft: Erson solid roller, .724-inch lift
Valvetrain: T&D shaft rockers
Induction: Dart intake manifold, 1,050-cfm Pro Systems carb
Exhaust: Stahl headers, 4-inch side pipes
Ignition: MSD billet distributor and ignition box
Cooling: Meziere water pump with Be Cool aluminum radiator
Output: 850 hp
Built by: Brent Jarvis
Transmission: G-Force clutchless five-speed with McLeod bellhousing and dual-disc clutch
Rearend: Corvette style IRS
Front suspension: custom tubular control arms with QA1 double-adjustable coilover shocks and 700 lb/in QA1 springs
Rear suspension: custom-built IRS by Performance Restorations with QA1 double-adjustable coilover shocks and 350 lb/in QA1 springs, 1-inch splined sway bar
Wheels: 17x10 and 18x12 ET five-spokes
Tires: 265/40R17 and 33530R18 Michelin