Mighty Mazda
The final generation Mazda RX-7 was a great performance car in its own right, but Lane Culver recognized the limitations of the stock turbocharged rotary engine and swapped in a stroked 402-cube LS2 with L92 heads, a COMP 238/244-at-.050 .620-inch lift solid-roller cam, and FAST 102mm LSX intake. Culver works for Hinson Super Cars (HinsonSuperCars.com) developing LS swap kits for wimpy imports, and this '94 RX-7 is one of their testbed vehicles. This thing clicks off 9.40s at a 3,000-pound race weight. We begged Culver to let us take a shot of his handiwork-check out the completely new tubular front subframe. Hinson makes everything you need, including the V-8 subframe, bumpsteer kit, trans brace, torque arm, and driveshaft. Everything you need to do the job, minus the exhaust, runs $1,635.

Ghia Pet
Ricky Byrd (Devine, Texas) used his vast experience as the owner of a body shop to build the baddest '64 VW Karmann Ghia on the planet. You'll be able to read more about it in Hot Rod magazine's upcoming "Dare To Be Different" issue, but we can tide you over with some juicy details. Byrd built a completely new chassis from scratch; the front is a Mustang II setup and the rear is all scratch built. The trans is a Mendeola five-speed transaxle and is mated to a Magnacharged 6.0L LS2. Byrd built it for the incredibly low price of $35,000.

PHR Speed-Stop Challenge
The Speed-Stop Challenge sponsored by Popular Hot Rodding combines elements of drag racing and road racing: The elapsed time over an eighth-mile dragstrip is measured, but the only difference is that you don't cross the finish line, you stop on it! The quickest car to do it without over or undershooting the stop box is the winner. Here, Brian Finch provides the most exciting moment of the competition when his '71 Camaro locks up the rear brakes and spins out of control in the stop box. Finch's Camaro is loaded with DSE suspension goodies front and back, a T-56 manual six-speed trans, and a 418-inch L92 with a FAST intake and a .625-inch lift solid-roller cam. The winner of PHR's Speed-Stop Challenge? Mark Stielow and his '69 Camaro!