Word has gotten out quickly: The Goodguys Rod & Custom Association isn't just for old guys with '32 Fords and lounge chairs anymore. The world of hot rods has changed ever so perceptibly in favor of the younger (younger feeling?), more active rodder. In the past few years that Goodguys has embraced the '64-and-up muscle car audience, their ranks have swelled with street machines, Pro Touring muscle cars, and even the occasional '70s disco-bumper machine. Yeah, we even sneak our project cars into the mix, and nobody seems to mind. That's a far cry from the geriatrics of past years. Add in a Street Challenge autocross track, and the youngsters are hangin' on the fence by the hundreds.

As a coast-to-coast organization, the Goodguys people have their work cut out for them as they trek across the country, hitting all the regions on the way. Understandably, the Southwest gets the lion's share of the attention in the beginning of the year as the rest of the country emerges from its winter slumber. With much of the country socked in by inclement weather this spring, it was sunny and mild in Del Mar, California, the weekend of April 9-11. We were there to soak up the SoCal hot rod action and capture the Street Challenge Autocross, choosing to focus on our favorite muscle cars.

If you've never been to a Goodguys show, you don't have to haul all the way to Southern California. By the time you read this, the Goodguys will have their travelling road show in high gear in the Midwest and the East Coast. If you take your hot rods and muscle cars seriously, you haven't gotten the full experience until you've become a Goodguy!