For the fans who came to see the show at zMAX Dragway just outside of Charlotte, North Carolina, on April 25, the evening turned out to be a double treat, as they got to see not only PINKS All Out, but also the first ever televised four-lane eliminations. The 32 finalists all took their turns at four-wide eliminations to determine the final eight. Once there, the final eight had the chance to compete for $10,000, a NAPA Auto Parts tool chest, and the chance to run in front of a national cable audience on SPEED. The finalists then reverted to the standard two-lane elimination to finish the show, which is tentatively scheduled to premiere on August 6, in 720-pixel high definition.

The event went flawlessly, as 32,000 fans packed their way into the facility in one single day. Not only did the event put 500-plus grassroots racers on a national stage, but the spectacle also exposed thousands to the sounds and smells of drag racing.

Remaining Arm Drop Live Event Schedule
Yet another incarnation of PINKS All Out will soon be at 33 different tracks throughout the nation in the form of Arm Drop Live! The basic difference is that these will be non-televised events, which makes the racing even more up close and personal with Rich Christensen.

Aug 7-8 Milan Dragway Milan, MI
Aug 14-15 Pacific Raceways Kent, WA
Aug 28-29 Bandimere Raceway Denver, CO
Sep 4-5 Cedar Falls Raceway Cedar Falls, IA
Sep 11-12 AutoClub Famoso Raceway Bakersfield, CA
Sep 18-19 Bristol Dragway Bristol, TN
Oct 2-3 Richmond Dragway Richmond, VA
Oct 9-10 Heartland Park Topeka Topeka, KS
Oct 16-17 Tulsa Raceway Park Tulsa, OK
Nov 6-7 Houston Motorsports Park Houston, TX
Nov 13-14 Rockingham Dragway Rockingham, NC
Dec 4-5 Firebird Int'l Raceway Chandler, AZ

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Rich Christensen In Five Quotes
"I'm from a town of 3,000 in Iowa where you were judged growing up on your work ethic. I took pride in trying to outwork as many people as I could and, more importantly, do it in such a way that was smart and honest without screwing anybody."

"I'm not a car guy. It's the most mind boggling thing. I still can't open the hood of a car. I don't get it when I look at it. I have no idea what I'm looking at. None. This allowed me to focus on the human in the car. When everybody else is focusing on the nitrous and the turbos and the blowers, I never saw any of it. I literally saw the eyes of the guys sitting in the car."

"I tell you what I think. I tell you what I feel. If I came out to PINKS All Out and spent the money, I'd want a show and I'd want to be treated with some respect. Do you see bikini shows here? Do you see wet T-shirt contests here? Do you see $40-$60 tickets here? No!"

"A third of the people here have probably never been to the track before. They've just come out to see what I do. If I can give them a good experience and they start coming back to a track and learning about it, what's the lifelong value of that spectator? It could potentially be thousands of dollars for the track itself and more importantly, for drag racing."

"I drive a hybrid Camry and a Highlander, but I also have an AWD Chrysler 300 that I travel with when I don't feel like flying. I stretched it 40 inches, stuck a leather bed in the back and put a satellite dish on the top. It has black wheels, an upgraded air intake and a chip in it. We've had some of the most fun trips driving across this country. I'm madly in love with that car."