Driver: Car: Best lap:
Mary Pozzi ’72 Camaro 29.68
Steven Rupp ’68 Camaro 29.93
Chris McCrea ’65 Cobra 30.96
James Shipka ’67 Camaro 31.81
Liz Miles ’68 Camaro 31.96
Ryan Mathews ’70 Camaro (DSE) 29.94
Nick Licatta ’70 Camaro (DSE) 30.43
Kyle Tucker ’70 Camaro (DSE) 30.49
Bret Voelkel ’66 Chevelle (Air Ride) 31.25
Stacy Tucker ’69 Camaro (DSE) 31.65
Bob McGregor ’46 Ford 34.60
Aaron Vukasovich ’41 International 35.43
Dennis Russell ’37 Cabriolet 35.58
John Bolstad ’54 Nomad 37.09
Josue Albizuras ’57 Chevy Truck 38.41

The Swap Meet
Swap meets are places where hidden treasures are found. This is where people can bring their collection of parts that are obsolete or useless to find a new home. We discovered some really cool stuff, and advise not to carry any cash if you don't wish to purchase anything--this might help keep you under control. If, however, you are looking to bring home some toys, pack a rolling basket cart so you don't have to carry anything.

Goodguys Rod And Custom Association