With all the Doug Herbertvalvetrain gear in Terry Herbert's nitrous-fed '84 Monte Carlo SS, you'd think he was related, but he's not. Terry does, nonetheless, share a voracious appetite for winning with his more-famous namesake. In 2006, Terry secured six True Street index wins, and in 2005, he managed three. At Joliet, Terry was unfazed by the 78-car field, and dove right in, finishing tenth overall. This Monte Carlo SS is a true driver, in the sense that it's so well known in Terry's hometown that he can't get a race. ("It runs on a blend of pump gas and avgas. They know me well down at the airport.") The only exception to this is when a new batch of soldiers hits the army base. "A new soldier will move into town and run across me," the M1 tank mechanic says, "and I make him feel bad." At Joliet, Terry's Monte had inexplicable traction problems in the left lane, holding it to a 9.95. On top of that, the number-two piston broke a ring and damaged the piston. Still, Terry's 10.0 performance rings impressive. Terry also gives credit to his racing partner, Mark Gosslin, who he bought out a year and a half ago.

1984 Chevy Monte Carlo SS
Terry Herbert
Occupation: M1 Abrams tank mechanic
Hometown: Elizabethtown, KY
Best Prior e.t.: 9.89/138
True Street e.t. Average: 10.051

Engine: small-block Chevy
Displacement: 434 ci
Compression: 12:1
Cylinder heads: Pro Topline 220cc runner
Camshaft: Doug Herbert solid roller, 261 degrees at .050, .625-inch lift
Rocker arms: COMP 1.6 intake, 1.5:1 exhaust, Pro Magnum
Lifters: Doug Herbert solid roller
Intake manifold: Edelbrock Victor Jr.
Carburetor: Quick Fuel Technologies 950-cfm Q-Series
Power-adder: Dual-stage 350hp NOS Big Shot plate system
Rotating assembly: Ohio Crankshaft crank and H-beam rods, JE pistons
Transmission: TCI manual-valve Turbo 350 with ATI internals
Converter: GER Maxtite 10-inch 3,000-stall
Rearend: GM 12-bolt with Detroit Locker and 4.30 gears
Tires: 205/75-15, front; 29x11.5-15 Hoosier Quick Time Pro, rear
Front suspension: stock, Moroso trick springs
Rear suspension: Lakewood lift bars, Lakewood upper control arms,
and CE traction bars, dual Air Lift bags
Total cost of car: $30,000