Joe Rozinek doesn't say much. Ask him a question, and you'll mostly get a simple "yes" or "no" without embellishment. Were this magazine of a celebrity driven ilk, we might be hardpressed to say anything about the sea of calm that is Joe Rozinek. As luck would have it, Joe prefers to speak with his Camaro, and it has a lot to say, like, "I'm gonna hand you a beat down. Would you like it now, or in 1,320 feet?" Joe's Third Gen started out as a $900 heap he bought with help from his dad in 2002. It needed a new front clip, floorpans, fresh doors, and lots of body work before the powertrain was addressed. When it was time for the mojo, a 385-inch stroke small-block with Dart Pro 1 heads and a 150-shot breathed life into the rejuvenated ponycar. That pushed out 11.50s on the sauce. Did we mention Joe is friends with Chad Wade? Did we mention how competitive these two are? Those 11.50s weren't gonna cut it, so in went a new bullet with 434 ci, breezy Brodix-10X heads, and a Brodix manifold larger than some New York apartments. The resulting bottom 10s on the juice keeps Joe within shouting distance of Chad, but something tells us this isn't over yet.

1982 Camaro Z28
Joe Rozinek
Occupation: Service station operator
Hometown: North Liberty, IA
Best Prior e.t.: 10.23/133 (nitrous), 11.08/125 (motor)
True Street e.t. Average: DNF

Engine: Small-block Chevy
Displacement: 434 ci
Compression: 11.5:1
Cylinder heads: Brodix-10X raised runner, ported by Chapman Racing Heads
Camshaft: Howards, solid roller, 268/276 at .050, .688/.645-inch lift
Rocker arms: T&D Pro Series; 1.6:1, intake; 1.75:1 exhaust; shaft-mount
Lifters: Crower off-set, solid roller
Intake manifold: Brodix 1005 raised-runner HVH
Carburetor: Pro Systems 4150 Pro Series XC 1,000-cfm
Power-adder: NOS Cheater 180hp plate
Rotating assembly: Eagle 4-inch stroke crank, Manley 6-inch rods, JE pistons
Engine built by: MAS Automotive & Machine
Transmission: Turbo 350 built by Fountain Transmission Specialists
Converter: TCI 10-inch 3,500-stall
Rearend: Moser 9-inch, 4.11 gears
Tires: Mickey Thompson 26x7.70-15, front; Hoosier 28x11.50-15, rear
Front suspension: Moroso trick springs, Lakewood 90/10 struts
Rear suspension: Spohn sway bar, torque arm, and Panhard bar; Lakewood control arms and 50/50 shocks
Total cost of car: "Somewhere over $30,000"