How is it that a guy who has owned 15 to 20 Chevelles (he's lost count) ends up with a '70 Road Runner? If you're a real car guy and not just a myopic mono-brander, you already know that answer. The '70 Road Runner is one of the best-looking, most iconographic musclecars of all time, and when a nice one pops up, you just can't turn it down. It's true that Blake Highsmith, and his father, Brian, are serious Chevelle freaks, but this Mopar B-body wasn't going to be ignored. Father and son found it in the Oklahoma City newspaper in 1999, and snatched it up for $13K. Previously a show car, it quickly became a "go" car, especially after a Procharger-equipped 383 found its way underhood. We first observed Blake's Road Runner during True Street time trials as it quietly performed a burnout, then launched with all the excitement of groceries on a checkout counter. We did a double-take when the scoreboard lit up with an 11.03 at 124 mph. This was a car we'd have to peek at. Unfortunately, Blake's Road Runner ended the day early with a broken piston ring and some beat-up pistons. ("We had a standard ring end gap of .022, and it needed to be between .024 and .026.") It's still cool, and we're still showing it, so if you don't like it, go heat up the Internet.

1970 Plymouth Road Runner
Blake Highsmith
Occupation: Wyotech graduate, small business owner
Hometown: Lindsay, OK
Best Prior e.t.: 10.89/127
True Street e.t. Average: DNF

Engine: Mopar big-block Wedge
Displacement: 383 ci
Compression: 9.25:1
Cylinder heads: Edelbrock
Camshaft: COMP hydraulic roller, 250/254 degrees at .050, .630-inch lift
Rocker arms: Crane Gold roller rockers
Lifters: COMP
Intake manifold: Mopar Performance high-rise "spider"
Carburetor: Holley 750-cfm double-pumper
Power-adder: Supercharger Store Procharger F1 with water injection
Rotating assembly: Stock crank and rods, Speed-Pro forged pistons
Transmission: Wilson Racing Powerglide
Converter: Wilson 10-inch 4,500-stall
Rearend: Strange Engineering 8 3/4-inch rear with 4.30 gears
Tires: 215/65-15 BFG, front; 275/60-15 Mickey Thompson ET Street, rear
Front suspension: stock
Rear suspension: stock with Slide-A-Link traction bars
Total cost of car: $65,000