Larry Bell isn't your run-of-the-mill True Street competitor for a variety of reasons. First, he didn't even know about the class until we told him about it. We first discovered Larry's Corvair a few months before Joliet, and asked him-scratch that, begged him-to participate. If ever there was a car perfect for this class, this is it. Larry built the entire car himself, right down to the body and paint. Starting with a totaled '67 Corvair that belonged to his dad, Larry fixed it up, and dropped the body onto an '85 Monte Carlo chassis. This gave him instant access to plentiful G-body suspension components, and provided plenty of room for the 455 Buick he had waiting in the wings. The Buick-powered beast runs on a steady diet of ordinary pump gas, and knocks down high 10s on motor for a total outlay of $13,000. And beyond Larry's mechanical aptitude, we'd be remiss if we didn't mention that Larry is just about the kindest soul we've ever met at a racetrack. With kind words, a fun attitude, and a helpful hand to all who seek it, Larry's presence is always felt in a good way. He quickly earned the name "Smilin' Larry" at our photo shoot, which ran well into the wee hours of the morning. Look for a full feature on Larry's Corvair soon.

1967 Chevy Corvair
Larry Bell
Occupation: Operator
Hometown: Moro, IL
Best Prior e.t.: 10.96/123
True Street e.t. Average: 11.041

Engine: Big-block Buick
Displacement: 455 ci
Compression: 10.2:1
Cylinder heads: Bulldog aluminum, 2.19/1.81-inch valves
Camshaft: Lunati hydraulic, 231/239 degrees at .050, .517/.541-inch lift
Rocker arms: T&D
Intake manifold: Kenne Bell Wildcat
Carburetor: PROFORM 950-cfm
Power-adder: none
Rotating assembly: stock
Transmission: Larry Bell-built TH-200-4R
Converter: Dan's Converters 10-inch 3,200-stall
Rearend: 8.5-inch 10-bolt (from '84 Grand National) with 3.42 gears
Rear tires: Mickey Thompson ET Street 275/50-15
Front suspension: factory '85 Monte Carlo
Rear suspension: factory '85 Monte Carlo
Total cost of car: $13,000