There's no question that the Chevy II has become the posterboy for hot rodding-find the lightest body possible, then stuff the biggest motor inside it. Starting with a $700 six-cylinder hulk he bought in 1993, True Street competitor Marc Schankweiler started modestly, initially hoisting a 327 small-block over the fenders. A collection of small-blocks subsequently made a series of guest appearances over the years. Marc has, however, resisted the urge to go over to the dark side-aka a big-block. Instead, his desires focused on the ultimate small-block, a NASCAR SB2.2, which might as well be a big-block, considering the copious airflow made possible by the SB2.2's sewer-pipe ports. As you might suspect, Marc is a longtime competitor in the True Street ranks, regularly bumping into the likes of Paul Ferrucci. "I had to come out to Joliet to keep Paul honest!" Marc chides. In the end, Marc's average score fell short of the top spot by just nine-thousandths. ("I had a bad oil leak I was trying to hide. I was real happy to shut it off at the end of the quarter-mile.") Until he can come out on top again, Marc plans to drive the Chevy II to cruise nights and shows, as well as the occasional street car shootout.

1966 Chevy II
Marc Schankweiler
Occupation: Carpenter
Hometown: Douglassville, PA
Best Prior e.t.: 8.69/161
True Street e.t. Average: 8.652

Engine: small-block Chevy
Displacement: 421 ci
Compression: 13.6:1
Cylinder heads: NASCAR SB2.2 by M&M Competition Engines
Camshaft: COMP solid roller, 280 degrees at .050, .770-inch lift
Rocker arms: Jesel shaft-mount, 1.65:1 intake, 1.7:1 exhaust
Lifters: Crower off-set lifter
Intake manifold: GM SB2.2, modified by M&M for 4500-series carb
Carburetor: Quick Fuel Technologies 1150-cfm Dominator
Power-adder: NOS two-stage Pro Race Fogger
Rotating assembly: Cola crank, Oliver rods, Diamond pistons
Transmission: Dynamic Powerglide
Converter: Frank Lupo custom 9-inch 5,000-stall
Rearend: Bears Performance 9-inch with 4.10 gears
Rear tires: Mickey Thompson 28x12.5-15 ET Street
Front suspension: Checkered Racing, modified by CD Race Cars
Rear suspension: Custom ladder bar, Strange Engineering shocks
Total cost of car: "More than $50,000"