"Williams has just $14K into his disco-era Ford, but it cranks out 11-second ETs on motor with the reliability of an Osterizer."

We first met Jim Williams on the PHR message board, where he dared us to be different and feature his 11-second '76 Ford Gran Torino. We double dared him to come out to the Atlanta MSD True Street race from his home in South Park, PA (anyone else find that ironic?), and shot it for a feature you can see elsewhere in this issue. It knocks down 11s on motor easily with a 545-inch 385-series big-block Ford. Williams was aided and abetted by his brother, Chris.

It's Good To Be King

Savage's '86 Caprice was not only the quickest car in the field in Atlanta, it was among the heaviest, with a full luxury interior. How does it manage to knock down nines? Start with a 9:1 502-inch big-block Chevy, add Dart Pro 1 heads and intake, stuff it full of boost with a Procharger F2 huffer blowing through a specially prepared Carb Shop 1150-cfm Holley 4150. A TCI-built Turbo 400 passes torque to a Moser 9-inch with 3.90 cogs and on to 10.5-inch slicks. And yes, it needs the 'chute: the two-ton B-body has run a best of 8.70/155 with an extra shot of nitrous through a ZEX plate. "It works good too on a blower application," says Savage.

Always the cool customer, Frank Savage relaxes in his trailer with crew chief Malcolm Williams before going out to lay waste to the entire Atlanta True Street field. Hey Frank, have a Coke and a smile!


Nicole Norris (18) of Greenville, SC, is a business student at Greenville Tech, and we spotted her lounging near the NMCA Pro Stock '93 Mustang of Scott Rogers and Rock Hosea. We convinced her to model for a photo shoot, but when Hosea lost in the first round, the mood soured, they folded tent, and headed for beer. Too bad-this quick snapshot of Nicole doesn't do her justice, but it'll have to hold you over.

This is Michelle Mattingly (23), the adorable spouse of NMCA B/Nostalgia Muscle Car racer, Jeramie Mattingly (Buffalo, KY). We caught Michelle posing with Jeramie's '72 Nova, which runs 10.60s via a naturally aspirated 412-inch small-block. Jeramie didn't have a snapshot of his wife in his wallet, but he did have his Lunati cam card: it's a solid roller with .640/.645 lift and 276/284 degrees of duration. Jeramie-you can cut this picture out and put it in your wallet now, 'cause it's got your cam specs on it, too.