Lakewood 2005 Mustang Watts Linkage

The 2005-06 Mustang GT is an awesome car for the money, but there is lots of room for improvement, and the guys at Lakewood are on the case. Understanding the limitations of the factory Panhard bar, Lakewood has designed this bolt-in Watt's linkage. Simply put, a Watt's linkage effectively locates the rear axle laterally without causing lateral movement like the factory Panhard bar, which rotates around an arc as the rear end traverses vertically. The benefit: left turns and right turns act the same and your axle doesn't move sideways when you lower your car with lowering springs or air springs. The cost on this driveway bolt-on is just $395.

ATS LS1/LS2 Oil Pan Swap Kit

American Touring Specialties is one of those young, fast-moving aftermarket companies that is riding the wave of swapping LS1 and LS2 engines into everything from street rods to restomods. Its product line is 100-percent dedicated to putting the LSx motor into first-gen Camaros and Firebirds, and its latest piece is this slick road race oil pan kit. It's got internal baffles, custom oil pick-up, gasket, stud hardware, fittings for -10 AN oil cooler lines, and lots of clearance for steering linkage and frame. This puppy costs $499, but that's a whole lot cheaper (not to mention better for the oiling system) than slicing and dicing the stock LS1 pan to fit.

Racepak GPS Data Acquisition

We don't know how to describe the G2X Racepak other than to say, we gotta get one of these, fast. Install the G2X Racepak in your interior, place the multi-display monitor in your IP binnacle, and find a good place for the GPS antenna. Now make some laps. The G2X records g's (lateral, acceleration, and deceleration), speed, lap times, and splits. It also draws an accurate map of the track you're on from recorded GPS location data. You don't need to set up tripods, infrared sensors or generally make a nuisance of yourself with corner workers or track marshals--just install the gear in your car and let the U.S. military do the hard work for you. The in-car monitor shows lap times in large LEDs, too. The G2X costs $899. One last thing: Racepak Data Systems is owned my MSD, so you know it's good.

COMP Cams Camshaft and Programmer For New Hemi

Got a new 5.7- or 6.1-liter Hemi in your Magnum, Charger, or 300C, but can't get past the factory computer to make real horsepower? COMP has the solution with its line of advanced XFI camshafts for Mopar's newest bullet. After installing one of three new Hemi XFI camshafts, just download the engine software from the handheld "Fast Flash" programmer included with the cam kit. COMP says gains up to 61 hp have been recorded with just the camshaft/programming swap. And the best part? No crazy drivability problems or "check engine" codes to deal with.

Magnacharger Gen-1 Chevy Blower Kit

Whatever happened to regular roots blowers for musclecars? Seems like only late-model computer cars warrant attention from blower manufacturers these days. And what's with the prices of these kits? Magnuson Products knows your pain, and has just released its Eaton 112 blower in kit form for the Gen-1 small-block Chevy. Street price for the kit is an affordable $1,650, which comes with the blower, manifold, lid assembly, idler, belt tensioner, belt, crank pulley, and gaskets. The M112 has an internal bypass valve for cool running and less wear, and the power increase ranges from 63 percent to 125 percent, depending on blower pulley ratio and engine specs.

Total Control Products Early Mustang Suspension

Early Mustang and Cougar fans take note: chassis expert extraordinaire Chris Alston now has a complete line of hardcore suspension parts for the street and racetrack. Take for instance the front coil-over system (upper and lower control arms, adjustable coil-over), which is a vast improvement over stock, and costs around $2,200 (provide your own spindle, or buy one from Alston). If that's not your cup of tea, check out the shock tower brace system for $395 (includes export brace, tower truss braces and Monte Carlo brace). Steering rack and pinion kits, Vari-shock double-adjustable shocks, power steering pump kits, subframe connectors, motor mounts, Fab9 rearend housings, you name it--Total Control is the place to shop for Mustangs. Plus, it's all top quality stuff that looks good enough for a show car.