The Engine Masters Challenge will impact the current state of street performance. We know many of the engines you've seen may not be what you could comfortably define as "daily-driver street engines" and they clearly push the limit of the term "street engine." We think this is fine, as we expected limits to be pushed and innovation to be seen. To truly take Engine Masters Challenge information and make it work under your hood, we encourage you to look at these engines as "models" to build from. The tips, tricks, modifications, and parts used can all assist you in making more power in your street machine. Sure, some compression ratios are too high for your daily driver, and yes, some of the camshafts in these engines are too aggressive for a smooth idle. We know this. What you should be doing is seeing what works on engines of your favorite make and also those of other makes.

Next month we'll be offering a look inside the top three engines. We took plenty of measurements and photos, spoke at length with the builders, and even flowed the cylinder heads. The 470-inch dimensions of these engines should be able to offer readers a really solid benchmark to build from, and the top-end packages should work wonderfully on lower-compression street-type short-blocks our readers can afford, or already have.

We've included the contact information for the builders involved in the Challenge, and we'd recommend working with them on your own project. They have proven their knowledge to us without question. They've earned the respect of their peers and those who manufacture the parts that helped them do so well. They've researched the needs of a 470-inch engine on 92-octane and they figured it all out so you don't have to. So, as we've said before, of you've got a 440, 454, 455, 460, or 472-inch engine with a normal overbore, this information will help you go faster. All you have to do is pay attention, and work with those who've proven their knowledge in our forum.

Congratulations to all the Engine Masters Challenge finalists on your accomplishments. You're all experts, and we look forward to seeing more of your expertise next year, when once again we'll be on a nationwide search for the best engine builder in America. Who will be the next to hold the huge check and take home the coveted trophy? Will it be Jon Kaase again? Will Joe Sherman come back and win once more? Or, will we have an entirely different winner? Only time will tell, but we're already looking forward to crowning the next Engine Master!