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2007 Jeg's Engine Masters Challenge

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Classic Musclecar Engines to battle at the 2007 Jeg's Engine Masters Challenge!

The 2007 JEG's Engine Masters Challenge, presented by Popular Hot Rodding and Engine Masters Magazines, is the largest and most renowned dyno racing event in the world! An invitational competition, the Challenge pits 30 of North America's top engine-building teams against each other in a built-to-spec slugfest! Teams uncrate thier engines at the event, and we hook them up to the dynos to get raw horsepower and torque numbers. Power-per-cubic-inch ratings are derived, and the builder with the stoutest entry is crowned Engine Master! Now in its sixth year of existence, this time around the focus is on classic musclecar engines. The Engine Masters challenge will take place October 1-5th with results of winning engines on October 6th.