2007, JEG's Engine Masters Challenge - Day 2

Team #24 - David Kauffung, DYNO #1
Steve Haid, Evan Haid & John Crawford

Pull # Torque Horsepower
1 336.7 290.4
2 337 291.2
3 334.9 289.7
Avg. Avg.336.2 Avg. 290.4

Final Score - 2047.8 @ 306 CI

The Kauffaung's brought a 305 Chevy which has a small bore, long stroke combo that has proven itself worthty in previous EM competitions. An unusal feature of this engine, was the use of a Rochester Quadajet carburetor. Even more notworthy was the remarkably smooth idle as the engine ran at 730 rpms on the dyno. A wide lobe separation angle of 112 deg., contributed here. It seemed as though a quicker secondary opening rate and a more aggressive camshaft may have put this engine in the pack.

Team #23 - W.O.T., Inc - DYNO #2
Neil Clayton

Pull # Torque Horsepower
1 479.8 414.3
2 456.9 395.3
3 435.7 376.2
Avg. Avg. 457.9 Avg. 395.3

Final Score - 2090.0 @ 408 CI

Wide open throttle team brough an exoctic looking 401 AMC. Trouble brewed for the team during the warm up period when they were met with substantial levels of detonation. Reluctantly, the team continued thru the warm up period despite the detonation loosing oil pressure in the process. Faced with a hard decision, team leader Neil Clayton decided to make repairs as best possible and noted the timing had moved significantly. The injured warrior returned for the finals with dramactically reduced oil pressure but succuessfully completed the 3 scored pulls.

Team #22 - Dove MFG Company - DYNO #1
Jim Dove/David Dove

Pull # Torque Horsepower
1 444.3 388
2 434.3 379.9
3 417 361.7
Avg. Avg. 431.9 Avg. 376.5

Final Score - 1871.3 @ 432 CI

The Dove Team, being mfg.'s of Ford F.E parts, natually brought a version of Fords big block F.E. Choosing the famous displacement of 427 CI, the Dove engine was built on a rare production cross bolted 427 FE block. It was apparent during the warm ups that a valve float problem was limiting the RPM potential of the big Ford. The Dove's chased this problem by going in and loosing the valve lash during the tune up period. It proved not to be enough because the engine continue having problems with high RPM's.

Team #21 - Torque Inc.- DYNO #2
John Walker/Donovan Harrison

Pull # Torque Horsepower
1 546 472.4
2 543 471.1
3 537 466.5
Avg. Ave. 542 Avg. 470

Final Score - 2000 @ 506 CI

The Cadillac specialists from Torque Inc. brought out the big dog - a 500 CI beast with the promise of huge power. The engine needed serious jetting work on the carb and with a factor of 500 cubes, it was going to require everything the big motor had to offer. Unfortunately during the warm up, we heard Donavan explain the motor was down on power and definately hurt. Nevertheless, the proud Caddy carried on and survived the 3 qualifying pulls.