Because of the popularity of the JEG'S ENGINE MASTERS CHALLENGE, for 2007 the Rules Committee has added an additional possible participation level to the event called ALTERNATE PARTICIPANT. This is due to the program limit of thirty (30) total running entries at this competition. ALTERNATE PARTICIPANT are builders who may be called upon at a later date to become a competitor in the event by replacing an already assigned Team.

ALTERNATE PARTICIPANTS are encouraged to continue to develop their planned engine build utilizing JEG'S ENGINE MASTERS CHALLENGE RULES as in past competitions numerous teams/ participants have dropped out prior to the start of our event. Being designated as an ALTERNATE PARTICIPANT allows you to replace a Drop-Out Team and join the competition to possibly win the event.

General Guidelines
As Of 5-10-07

Assigned a Participation Number- the lower the number the greater the chance to actually participate. All numbers assigned by Rules Committee and no discussion or deviation allowed.

Requested Response- The Rules Committee of the JEG'S ENGINE MASTERS CHALLENGE would greatly appreciate a response as to intentions

Must Adhere to Competitive Rules- ALTERNATE Competitive Entry MUST adhere to all Rules and Amendments for Competition as outlined in RULES on

Follow Timed Criteria- ATERNATE PARTICIPANTS must follow all regular and timed program needs. To include but not limited to upon notification and acceptance of participation Entry Fee is due 10 Days from acceptance and/or prior to competition.

Competition Number Assignment- Upon accepting a drop out position in the Competition, ALTERNATE PARTICIPANT will assume dropped Team Position and be ASSIGNED an additional Competition Number.


1. SHOULD I CONTINUE TO BUILD: As to continuing to build the competitive entry engine, that is entirely up to you. While we hope that you would continue on your to work on your possible entry, ALTERNATE PARTICIPANTS are assigned a number and the lower that number is the higher the probability that a competitive slot would appear and you called on to fill it. Not guaranteed, but again you need to make that decision yourself as drop outs have been varied and in most cases happen more towards our competitive date.

2. WHEN IS THE ENTRY FEE DUE: Your entry Fee is not due until 10 days after you have been notified and you have accepted an Open Slot for competition. At this time, no entry Fee is needed.

3. ARE THERE EDIT OPPORTUNITIES IN REGARDS TO MY BUILD: We can not guarantee that Editors at ENGINE MASTERS Magazine would develop a story based on your build, please keep them informed through as they may contact you in regards to information shared.

NEW this year, is if you provide a photo of your ALTERNATE Entry (engine) and 60 to 120 words about it and you, we will be adding to future issues of ENGINE MASTERS Magazine. Please be sure to include contact information if you are a shop so that we can help promote your efforts. While not a competitive slot in the program, it does offer you the opportunity to promote your involvement and design efforts in regards to the JEG'S ENGINE MASTERS CHALLENGE program.

Alternates List
1 School of Automotive Team 2 Judson Massingill-Sam Instructors & Students
2 Bob Earleywine Performance Bob Earleywine (Withdrew)
3 C & J Racing Engines Clint Harrell (Withdrew)
4 Headway Performance Inc. Ramon Valez
5 Weingartner Racing Eric Weingartner
6 D & N Garage Nick and Deb Taylor (Withdrew)
7 DCI Motorsports, Inc. Don Johnstons
8 Dr. J's Performance Bryce Mulvey
9 Vintage Hot Rod Dave Davidson
10 Motor City Muscle Mike Henderson/Al Mesyn (Withdrew)
11 Paul Anthony Race Engines Paul Anthony (Withdrew)
12 Cogan's Automotive Vernon Cogan (WITHDREW)
13 Charles (Chuck) Keech Charles Keech (WITHDREW)
14 Wayward Performance Engines Mike Yonkoskie (Withdrew)
15 Ted Eaton Specialty & Balancing Ted Eaton
16 Cygan Speed Engineering Gary Cygan
17 Mummert Machine & Development Geoff Mummert , Dan Crower, Jon Cloud
18 Jack Merkel Performance Engines Jack Merkel
19 Blu Cuda Performance Joe Fallon
20 Charles Bradshaw Charles Bradshaw (Withdrew)
21 Madd Matts Auto Matt Lagessie (WITHDREW)
22 Pro Machine John Beck
23 Blair Racing Gary Blair
24 Dove MFG Company Jim Dove, David Dove, and Crew
25 Dove Performance Parts Jim Dove, David Dove
26 Porting Dynamics Dave Storlein