For the first time, the Advanced Engineering Technology Conference (AETC(tm)) will sponsor the banquet following the 2007 Engine Masters Challenge, which this year will be staged at the University of Northwestern Ohio's High Performance Department Compound, Oct. 1-5. The Challenge pits engine builders head-to-head to create the highest performing engine possible in terms of average horsepower and torque output per cubic inch of displacement. In addition, COMP Cams(r) Vice President Scooter Brothers will be the keynote speaker at the banquet and COMP Cams(r), TCI(r) and RHS(tm) will again post contingency awards to those top performing engine builders. "We are extremely pleased to have the opportunity to have AETC(tm) host the banquet for this prestigious event," stated Chris Douglas, Marketing Manager for the AETC(tm). "The AETC(tm) annually brings together the greatest minds in engine development to discuss significant engineering advancements. In similar fashion, the Engine Master's Challenge has become the place where engine builders are challenged to execute this new-found technology in a direct head-to-head competition."

In a major departure from previous Engine Master's Challenge competitions where the specified cubic-inch displacement has defined the format, any stock production passenger car displacement with more than 300 cubic inches can be built and entered this year.

Competitors will select any OEM production displacement for the type of engine being built, and will be required to maintain the OEM stroke (+/- 0.015), and the OEM bore (no larger than +0.035-inch).

Said Ed Zinke, Publisher, Engine Masters Magazine & Popular Hot Rodding Magazine, "Having the Advanced Engineering Technology Conference program join us as this year's Banquet Sponsor to the 2007 JEG's Engine Master's Challenge is a truly unique experience for all involved. The AETC(tm) and the Engine Master's Challenge program have been a partnership since the inception of this competition six years ago and this brings that cooperative effort full-circle to a gratifying culmination.

"This year's engine building participants will gain first hand knowledge of newly introduced technologies in performance parts manufacture as only the AETC(tm) conference program offers them for their daily engine performance development," continued Zinke. "The ability to expose and provide even a sampling of this technology to our competitors at this event provides yet another reason of why these two programs continue on a strong path to the future. We thank the AETC(tm) for this year's extended involvement in the 2007 JEG's Engine Master's Challenge."

For more information about the Engine Masters Challenge, complete rules and competitor entry information, go to or or call Comp Cams(r) at (800) 999-0853.