1. Should I Continue To Build?

As to continuing to build the competitive entry engine, that is entirely up to you. While we hope that you would continue on your to work on your possible entry, ALTERNATE PARTICIPANTS are assigned a number and the lower that number is the higher the probability that a competitive slot would appear and you called on to fill it. Not guaranteed, but again you need to make that decision yourself as drop outs have been varied and in most cases happen more towards our competitive date.

2. When Is The Entry Fee Due?

Your entry Fee is not due until 10 days after you have been notified and you have accepted an Open Slot for competition. At this time, no entry Fee is needed.

3. Are There Edit Oppurtunities In Regards To My Build?

We can not guarantee that Editors at ENGINE MASTERS Magazine would develop a story based on your build, please keep them informed through questions@enginemasters.com as they may contact you in regards to information shared.

4. If an EMC participant hurts or destroys his primary engine in testing or tuning can that person bring an engine of a different make than what he specified on his application?

It has been determined competitors are NOT locked into a specific motor type or cubic inch until their engine is installed on a cart and is bolted/secured onto the dyno cell assigned on day of competition by JEG's ENGINE MASTERS CHALLENGE Officials and they sign the Official Check Off Form that includes their verification of motor type & cubic inch claimed.