05Em Dts

Wednesday, October 4th 2006

Dyno Cell #3

Team # 24 Performance Crankshaft - Big-Block Chevy

Average TorqueAverage Horsepower
Pull #1538465Pull #2534461.5Pull #3533461.4
Averages -- 535.0 TQ / 462.6 HP
Total Score = 997.6

Team 24, Performance Crankshaft came to the party with a very street-orientated and reasonably-priced big-block Chevrolet, sporting World Products iron oval-port heads. This big-bore, short-stroke combination proved to be a monster of low-end torque, making over 500 Lb-Ft of torque, right from the bottom of the test range at 2500 rpm. Legs upstairs proved to be the limitation, but at 630 peak hp, it certainly had respectable grunt all the way up the rpm range. The engine delivered a composite score of 997.6.

Dyno Cell #2

Team # 21 Bower Racing - Big-Block Chevy

Average TorqueAverage Horsepower
Pull #1535469.7Pull #2533467.7Pull #3533467.9
Averages -- 533.7 TQ / 468.4 HP
Total Score = 1002.1

Team 21, Bower's Racing Engines brought a screaming powerhouse of a big-block Chevy engine with a set of modified Edelbrock head castings. It was clear that this big-bore engine loved the top-end, handily breaking the 700 hp barrier repeating with 707 hp at every power pull, right at the peak of our test range at 6500 rpm. Unfortunately, the torque coming in hampered the final composite score, though 1002.1 points was a very strong showing.

Dyno Cell #2

Team # 19 School of Automotive - Ford

Average TorqueAverage Horsepower
Pull #1548479Pull #2548487.7Pull #3547547
Averages -- 547.7 TQ / 478.4 HP
Total Score = 1026.4

Team 19, School of Automotive Machinists brought another of the popular small Fords with CHI cylinder heads. From the time that the team arrived at the facility, the final combination was already prescribed and ready for the scored pulls. With the engine up and running, no additional tuning was deemed necessary, and the engine proved it worth with a serious 690 hp peak, and 616 peak Lb-Ft. Was there more in this combination with some local tuning? It's a question that became impossible to answer once the initial decision was made. The team finished with a composite score of 1026.4.




Dyno Cell #3

Team # 17 Blair Racing - Ford

Average TorqueAverage Horsepower
Pull #1520454.2Pull #2519452.8Pull #3518452.4
Averages -- 519.0 TQ / 453.1 HP
Total Score = 972.1

Team 17 Blair Patrick Racing brought a Ford FE to battle, and a solid one at that. The engine made as much as 631 hp and 576 Lb-Ft of torque, running Edelbrock cylinder heads. The engine showed some signs of detonation, and the tuning period focused upon trying to quench that problem. An overly rich tune helped in testing, but hurt power. The perfect balance found in pre-event testing at 1500 ft. of elevation was fattened up for the competition here at EMC but still fell short. During the tuning period they changed jets from an 80 to an 84 Quick Fuel jet and hoped. It helped but fell short of their expectations. Still, as the only FE to successfully run so far, they have garnered praise and support from the old school Ford contingent on hand with their final composite score of 972.1.

Dyno Cell #1

Team # 14 Randy Malik - Ford

Average TorqueAverage Horsepower
Pull #1532464.7Pull #2532464.6Pull #3531464
Averages -- 531.7 TQ / 464.4 HP
Total Score = 996.1

Team 14 RM Competition came into the fray with a well-developed big block Ford with modified Ford Super Cobra Jet heads. Randy Malik is a veteran Engine Masters competitor, as was the engine, which originally made its debut at the 2003 event with a different crankshaft. The big-bore Ford made big power at the top end, with 679 hp on tap at 6500 rpm. Though Randy's expertly applied tuning changes added power with each change, difficulties in creating an ideal fuel curve hurt torque lower in the range, dropping the composite score to 996.1.

Dyno Cell #2

Team # 15 M.P.G. Heads - Ford

Average TorqueAverage Horsepower
Pull #1544471.8Pull #2542470.2Pull #3541470.7
Averages -- 542.3 TQ / 470.7 HP
Total Score = 1013.0

Team 15, MPG heads brought a well-developed big-block Ford which has proven a solid contender. The engine's power curve was good throughout the range, making a peak of 655 hp, and 588 Lb-Ft of torque. The engine wasn't on the mark as far as the team's expectation, but the score of 1013 puts them good company. Jet and timing changes during the tune period didn't quite make the numbers seen in prior testing for these veteran Engine Masters competitors.




Dyno Cell #3

Team # 18 Dick Miller Racing - Oldsmobile

Average TorqueAverage Horsepower
Pull #1Retired - No DataRetired - No DataPull #20.000.00Pull #30.000.00
Averages -- 0.00 TQ / 0.00 HP
Total Score = 0.00

Team 18 Dick Miller Racing brought one of the most gorgeous engines at the event in the form of his Bulldog-headed Oldsmobile. This unusual combo caught the eye of fellow competitors as it pulled up to the dyno, but a broken rocker dashed any hopes of the Olds showing its stuff. As expected, the Miller team showed absolute tenacity and professionalism when faced with substantial detonation and unfortunate parts breakage. The veteran racer and previous JEGs Engine Masters Challenge competitor tore into the beautiful Olds and quickly found the brutally twisted rocker. Even after calling it quits, they were all smiles and very appreciative of the applause from other competitors as they vowed to return.