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Tuesday, October 3rd 2006

Dyno Cell #2

Team # 33 M6 Industries - Ford

Average TorqueAverage Horsepower
Pull #1536462.8Pull #2536462.2Pull #3537463.1
Averages -- 536.3 TQ / 462.7 HP
Total Score = 999.0

Team 33, M6 Industries brought out an unusual combination based on a 400M block, fitted with the popular CHI Cleveland-style heads. Prior to the competition the engine had never been run on the dyno, but had seen some time on a run-in stand. Out from Orange Grove, TX, this was a family effort, with mom dad and their four kids making up the team. The engine fired immediately and ran strong right-out-of the box, an impressive accomplishment for a group that are not full-time engine builders. Jetting and timing changes picked it up, posting a solid 618 hp at 6000 rpm, and no shortage of torque, with 585 Lb-Ft. We were especially impressed when the kids helped with the tuning changes. M6 finished qualifying with 999 points.

Team 32. Littleton Performance came to the event with the smallest engine, a 393 Windsor Ford, well below the 434 allowed. Although giving up all that displacement is too much of a handicap to take a top spot, it did allow the team to run and show their stuff, while getting some experience in our unique challenge. Littleton posted peak numbers of 508 hp and 555 Lb-Ft. While not competitive with the purpose built engine, this would be a hot little motor in a Mustang or Comet street car. They liked the event enough to decide on coming back with some serious hardware.

Dyno Cell #1

Team # 31 Kustom Kemp - AMC

Average TorqueAverage Horsepower
Pull #1423.2359.1Pull #2419.0356.1Pull #3418.5356.0
Averages -- 420.2 TQ / 357.1 HP
Total Score = 777.3

Team 31, Kustom Kemps were unable to get their competition engine to the event, but determined to make the show, these guys put up what amounted to a very basic combination, with stock AMC iron cylinder heads. The 421-inch engine, loaded with traditional "old-school" components scored 777.3 points, and managed to produce 448 peak hp. Not a bad output for this kind of combo.

Dyno Cell #2

Team # 29 Iron Horse Machinery - Pontiac

Average TorqueAverage Horsepower
Pull #1525456.2Pull #2524454.7Pull #3525455.6
Averages -- 524.7 TQ / 455.5 HP
Total Score = 980.2

Team 29, Iron Horse Machinery is a dedicated Pontiac outfit, which came to the event with a very proven street-style package, with Edelbrock heads and even a belt-driven water pump. With as much as 628 hp peak in the qualifying pulls, these guys made a solid showing in terms of Poncho power. The engine finished the qualifying phase without any signs of pain, finishing with a respectable 980.2 score.

Dyno Cell #1

Team # 22 Cory Short - Hemi

Average TorqueAverage Horsepower
Pull #1Engine Retired - No Data Engine Retired - No DataPull #20.000.00Pull #30.000.00
Averages -- 0.00 TQ / 0.00 HP
Total Score = 0.00

Team 22, registered as Short Team 1, consisted of a 433 CID Hemi. The impressive looking mill had the attention of all when it made it way to the dyno, especially when the wide engine/header combo wouldn't fit through the door. The man-sized motor was off the number, due to a last minute change in the cam advance. Knowing the un-tested cam timing move off the mark, and these guys hustled to work in an attempt to wind the cam back to a happier position. Unfortunately, the job was just too much, given the 20-minute tuning period time limit. Time was called before the engine was ready to run, resulting in a disappointing DNF.

Dyno Cell #2

Team # 26 C&J Racing - Ford

Average TorqueAverage Horsepower
Pull #1540470.2Pull #2542471.1Pull #3542471.6
Averages -- 541.3 TQ / 471.0 HP
Total Score = 1012.3

Team 26, C & J Racing Engines brought another of the popular Windsor/CHI-heads combination, and though this engine proved very stout, Team leader Tim Bartholomew informed us that the engine had been hurriedly repaired from a rear main bearing failure, compounded by rod problems. With a can-do attitude, the engine was brought to the event, and it held together without a whimper. With 653 hp at peak, and 600 Lb-Ft, this is a serious piece. Tuning changes including electronic timing curve adjustments, and jetting dialed it in for a score of 1012.3 points.

Dyno Cell #3

Team # 23 Troy Short - Mopar

Average TorqueAverage Horsepower
Pull #1545473.4Pull #2545473.4Pull #3545473.8
Averages -- 545 TQ / 473.5 HP
Total Score = 1018.5

Team 23, Short Team 2, was another engine from the Short gang out of Indy. This time the combo was a stock-block based small block Mopar topped with Indy heads. These Mopars are known for serious output, and this engine was plenty strong in qualifying. With minimal tuning on site, the engine proved the potential of the little Mopar, turning in a peak of 651 hp, and a savage 604 Lb-Ft of torque. With a score of 1018.5 this Mopar os an engine to be reckoned with, and there may be some more if making the finals is in the cards.

Dyno Cell #1

Team # 44 McKeown Motorsports - Ford

Average TorqueAverage Horsepower
Pull #1562487.1Pull #2566489.9Pull #3568491.7
Averages -- 565.3 TQ / 489.6 HP
Total Score = 1054.9

Team 44, McKeown Motorsport Engineering brought a cool racing attitude and a sizzling Windsor/CHI-head Ford. The team clicked of the warm-up pulls, monitoring air/fuel ratio and information on a laptop that McKeown brought to the event. The attention of the crowd was focused on test cell one as this Ford put down numbers that got noticed, with 672 peak hp and 615 Lb-Ft peak torque. The engine ran so well, that no tuning was done during the 20-minute tune-up time. Instead the engine was allowed to cool, and turned in a score of 1054.9, putting McKeown in the lead.