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The 2006 ENGINE MASTERS CHALLENGE has more ways than ever that your company can become reap the benefits of this exciting event. Now internationally known as the premiere engine builders ultimate competition, we have expanded the opportunities to become one of the unique companies that "Win With The Engine Masters Challenge!"

Available Marketing Options From Your PRIMEDIA Represenative-

PRESENTING SPONSOR- On RequestA year long program that allows for all marketing of facets of the Engine Masters Challenge as program is co-named with your designation. This is ultimate level of participation within this unique event for any company.

OFFICIAL PRODUCT SPONSORSHIP- $25,000.00 eachSponsors drive their participation within their selected category throughout the year with opportunities in both marketing and advertising. The program includes "Presented By" status in marketing materials of the event.

DYNO-RUN STREAMING VIDEO WEB SITE SPONSOR- $10,000 per yearSimply nothing else like it. Streaming Video sponsorship provides "streaming video" of a dyno-run from every competitor's efforts for that year's event. Each video ends with sponsor's logo. Posted approximately one week after, it is found on enginemasters.com for an entire year.

BUILDERS BANQUET SPONSORSHIP- $3,000.00New for 2006, this unique program provides for branding at the Thursday night Builder's Bash and logo event "slide show" posted on enginemasters.com for 6 months.

DAILY EVENT SPONSORSHIP- $2,500.00 per dayDaily sponsors are provided added brand recognition during event day competition through signage, PA Announcements and sponsor of provided lunch. Added bonus is sponsorship of that day's "Live Web Site" updates of the event.

PRODUCT CONTINGENCY SPONSORSHIP- $1,750.00 each plus maximum of $4,000.00 payoutThe ultimate way for your company to say these products perform through category contingency award program. Targeted marketing drives product sales to builders and followers alike.

BUILD PRODUCT USE SPONSORSHIP- $700.00 eachDeveloped for consumable products used by competitors during their challenge build, this allows these products to gain all the advantages of Engine Masters Challenger with banner placement and affiliation.