#18 Mile High Performance & Pro Built Engines -- Englewood, CO

Jay Kidwell and his Mile High Performance team was up first today for the final roundsof the 2005 Jeg's Engine Masters Challenge. Kidwell and his crewgot right down to business. Making the most of his thirty-minute tune-up time, Kidwellmade numerous changes in jetting and air bleed mixture. Jay mentioned that hewas completely satisfied with the performance of their big-block Chevy.
"We kept making changes and it kept getting better with each pull. On our last adjustmentwe advanced the timing two degrees and let it go." Jay went on to comment, "We are having a great time and I just want to thank my crew, they are the best."

Mile High Performance & Pro Built Enignes -- Chevy

Average TorqueAverage Horsepower
Total Score1,197.67

#4 Shaver Specialty Co. -- Torrance, CA

Ron Shaver was next up in the 2005 Jeg's Engine Masters Challenge. If experience isgoing to be the deciding factor of the event, then Shaver should bid well.
Shaver and tuning partner, Tom Masek took a good look at the data from the DTS dyno of their first three warm-up pulls insuring to make the best of their allotted thirty-minute tune-up time.
"I took timing out right away, which I actually ended up putting it back in after the next pull.We ultimately ended up with bigger air bleeds and went two sizes largeron the jets." Shaver went on to say, "the air is worse today than yesterday, but wegot better with each tune-up, so I'm really happy with the big Chevys' performance today. Wemay not win, but we're still happy with our final numbers."

Shaver Specialty Co. -- Chevy

Average TorqueAverage Horsepower
Total Score1,239.67

#23 Livernois Motorsports -- Dearborn Heights, MI

Next up was the Livernois Motorsports team from Dearborn Heights Michigan. In just theirsecond year competing in The Challenge they knew the heat was on. After seeing some stout numbers from Mile High and Shaver, their big-block Ford had to make serious power.
Chris Goebel and John Lohone were quick to make a decision after seeing the big-inch Fordmake some fantastic power on the first series of pulls. "We just went with a larger bleed and advanced the timing a bit." Confident that was all it would take, John called it "good" and went with his final pulls.
This proved to be enough as Livernois is in first place for the time being.
Asked if he was happy with the results, John said, "it's still together and the breathers aren't puking, so were happy with the results."

Livernois Motorsports -- Ford

Average TorqueAverage Horsepower
Total Score1,258.00

#27 BES Racing Engines -- W.Harrison, IN.

Tony Bischoff and Richard Kolb may have made some second-guess changes during qualifying for the 2005 Jeg's Engine Masters Challenge earlier this week, but todaythey made only minor adjustments during their tune-up session. "Basically we just took out two degrees of timing during our warm-up. We took some time during qualifyingearlier this week and may have hurt ourselves a little. So, today we just looked at the DTS dyno print outs and figured it was as good as it was going to get."
Bischoff took only five minutes of his tune-up time and decided to let the 509ci Chevyrip.
Tony's strategy may have paid off as he and Kolb are now in the top spot.

BES Racing Engines -- Chevy

Average TorqueAverage Horsepower
Total Score1,265.67

#35 -- Autoshop Racing Engines

Lennart and Birgitta Bergqvist came to the 2005 Jeg's Engine Masters Challenge makingsure they would finish in the top ten. The couple from Orlando, Florida spent a lot of time on their big-block Chevy between the 2004 competition and this years' event.
"We spent so much time on this engine all year, we vowed to make it to the finals." Said Birgitta.
This year, Lennart and Birgitta took only a little time while looking at the the DTS print outfrom their three final round warm-up pulls. Lennartchose to do something we haven't seen yet in the 2005 competition by removing the valve covers in searchof a little more torque. "I went for more valve lash. We were happy with the jetting and air bleeds, so I left those alone."
The couple also chose to use every bit of their thirty-minute tune-up time in orderto get the engine as cool as possible before the big-block Chevy was to make its finaldyno runs.
After the final pull Lennart commented, "It looks like we lost a little, but that just may have been due to heat in the motor."Said Lennart, "looking back, I should have left it alone."
All that aside; Birgitta gave us her prediction -- "We'll win by 1/2 a point...I hope."
Well, there's only one person who can knock them off. Unfortunately for them it's two-time Engine Masters Challenge champion Jon Kaase.

Auto Shop Racing Engines -- Chevrolet

Average TorqueAverage Horsepower
Total Score1288.00

Dyno #2 #1 Jon Kaase Racing Inc. -- Winder, GA

The final competitor in the 2005 Jeg's Engine Masters Challenge is defending championJon Kaase from Winder, Georgia. The well-known big-inch drag race engine builder comes into the finals as the number one qualifier.
Kaase makes his way into the dyno cell with some help from fellow Engine Masters competitor Ron Shaver. Tuning advice from IHRA Pro Stock Champion John Nobile is non-existant as he had a race this weekend and couldn't be around to help the master engine builder.
Kaase and Shaver confer for a while after three warm-up pulls. After a lengthlyconversation they decide to go with bigger air bleeds along with two degrees advance in timing. Jon keeps the crowd waiting by using the rest of his tune-up timeto get the big inch Pontiac as cool as possibe before giving our DTS Dyno operatorMatt Boyer the green light.
After three final dyno pulls, Kaase knows the Poncho is hurt. Each successive pull becomes weaker and weaker. Minutes later Jon Kaases' score is shown on the Calico scoreboard. To the surprise of the crowd Kaase is not only beat out by the race engine building couple from Florida, but he ends up dropping to fourth place in the2005 Jeg's Engine Masters Challenge.
"I came in with too much compression for the fuel used in this competition. I was dyno-testingon 94 octane and I should have been testing with 91. The air here is so different as well, so that played a big part too. There is no doubt it was tuned on the edge. As you can see this engine is hurt big time."Asked if he'll be back next year. A disappointed Jon responded, "I'm working on a big-block Ford book right now, so we'll see how it goes with that. If I have time I'll be back, I'm just not sure at this point."

Jon Kaase Racing Inc. -- Pontiac

Average TorqueAverage Horsepower
Total Score1,255.67