Dyno #3 #24 R.M. Competition -- Roseville, MI

Long time Ford engine builder and returning Engine Masters competitorRandy Malik brought out his big-block Ford in hopes of becoming the 2005 Jeg's Engine Masters champion. Unfortunately, that was cut short when cooling problems caused Malik towithdraw.
After his three warm-up pulls Randy made a cam timing change, that didn't seem tomake the big-inch Ford happy. After a jet change, he felt ready for his qualifying pulls. When the water temp didn't come down he was in the process of making a waterpump change. Time ran out on the team, so they ultimately chose to withdrawal.

R.M Competition -- Ford

Average TorqueAverage Horsepower
Total Score0.00

Dyno #1 #11 Clayton's Performance -- Hubbard, OH

Neil Clayton is competiting in his fourth Engine Masters Challenge. Clayton and Ron Mathewsmade it out from Ohio for the 2005 Jeg's Engine Masters Challenge with winning on their minds.
After their first three allotted dyno pulls, Neil took a look at the DTS Dyno informationand quickly got on the phone to carburetor whiz Terry Yoder for tuning instructions. Terry's tuning advice was quickly conducted by Clayton during his tune-up time. "We went withbigger air bleeds and took out some timing. We also made some fuel pressure changes.""We're down 50 horsepower from where we were last Wednesday, so I'm extremely disappointedwith our performance today."

Clayton's Performance -- Chevy

Average TorqueAverage Horsepower
Total Score1,099.33

Dyno #2 #5 Traco Engineering Co. -- Los Angeles, CA

All the way from Los Angeles California, two-time Engine Masters Challenge competitor Larry Salisbury brought along his big-block Chevy with intentions of making some bignoise in the 'World Products' dyno facility. Larry took a good look at the print out fromhis first round of warm-up pull numbers before making any tuning decisions.
Although Salisbury was alone here at the competition, he appeared very calm and methodical before making any changes to his gorgeous show-piece big-block Chevy.
"After the first three pulls, I went one size larger on the jets and backed off the timing. I'm really down on power here, needless to say I'm not very happy with my results."

Traco Engineering Co. -- Chevy

Average TorqueAverage Horsepower
Total Score980.47

Dyno #3 #4 Shaver Specialty Co. -- Torrance, CA

Being a four-time Engine Masters Challenge competitor might give Ron Shaver a bit ofan advantage, but the difference in air pressure can give fits to any high-performance engine guru.
The veteran sprint car engine builder brought out his big-block Chevy to gain top honorsat the 2005 Jeg's Engine Masters Challenge.
"This engine has 17 dyno pulls on it and only fluctuated a few numbers off. We kept the same tune-up on it that we had in Ontario California right before we shipped it out.""We started out a little fat, so we went down a size with the jetting and backed off the timing after the first round of pulls. We lost a little so we addedtiming after another pull." Said Shaver's partner Tom Masek. "We're confindant it's got more in it."
Looks like Shaver is in, so we'll find out tomorrow.

Shaver Specialty Co. -- Chevy

Average TorqueAverage Horsepower
Total Score1,231.33

Dyno #1 #2 W. Enterpirses -- Newport News, VA

Veteran Engine Masters competitor and last year's second place finisher CharlesWilliams came into the 2005 Jeg's Engine Masters Challenge as one of the odds-onfavorites. With his son Donald hurting his engine earlier in the week, Charles wastheir last chance for the Williams' family to make it to the finals. Again, stress on the enginebecame an issue, only this time it got hurt during his qualifying pulls. After the second pull Charles knew his big-block Chevy bullet was wounded big time. With the option of going forhis third and final pull he chose not to continue on in the competition.
"We changed the air bleeds to get more air, but when we backed off the timing 2 degrees, the engine just was not happy." Said son Donald. "We'll be back next year,hopefully with better results."

W. Enterprises -- Chevy

Average TorqueAverage Horsepower
Total Score0.00

Dyno #2 #1 Jon Kaase Racing Inc. -- Winder, GA

This big buzz this year is the return on two-time Engine Masters Challenge championJon Kaase. The well-known racing engine builder from Georgia entered the 2005 Jeg's Engine Masters Challenge by way of a big-block Pontiac. Still, there was rumor that Kaase may have brought something other than the engine he had listed on the entry form. When the engine crate was openedthere were no surprises, just one of Kasses' "kick ass" big-block bullets.
With two championships in a row under his belt, Jon came into the competition looking for the proverbial "Hat Trick", and when the big-block Pontiac came to life, there was no doubt Jon Kaase came here to play.
After his three warm-up pulls Jon went into the dyno room and got down to business. He and IHRA Pro Stock champion John Nobile conferred briefly and began taking out sparkplugs to make sure none were burnt. "Last year we had a burnt plug, so I just wantedto make sure that wasn't the case this year." Said Kaase.
After Jon's three warm-up pulls he went into the dyno room and got down to business. He and IHRA Pro Stock champion John Nobile conferred briefly and began taking out sparkplugs to make sure none were burnt. "Last year we had a burnt plug, so I just wantedto make sure that wasn't the case this year." Said Kaase
Kaase and Nobile spent most of their tune-up time making timing changes only. Keeping the carburetor together, they went with what they had to make their qualifying pulls.Kaase came out on top in the #2 dyno cell as well as first place (by one point) in the overallstandings.
Kaase was careful not to give too much away only stating, "I'm fifty points down from when we tested back home, so we'll see what happens tomorrow

Jon Kaase Racing Inc. -- Pontiac

Average TorqueAverage Horsepower
Total Score1,286.00

That's all for today. Follow along tomorrow with www.Enginemasters.com as we find out who will be the 2005 Jeg's Engine Masters Challenge Champion.