Dyno #1 #21 T&B's Performance & Machine -- Monroe, WI

Tom and Brenda Foley, along with their four kids, made the trip from Monroe, Wisconsin knowing they may be downon power compared to the Chevys, but they came here to show what their big-blockChrysler could do. "We knew we would have to fatten it up due to the differentair conditions, so we went up 2 jet sizes between warm-up pulls and added 6 degrees timing. It seemed to be a little happier when we made those adjustments. We are very pleased with the results, in fact it made two morehorsepower here than at home."

T&B's Performance & Machine -- Chrysler

Average TorqueAverage Horsepower
Total Score1,173.00

The Enigne Masters' staff had some time during the day's events to show off some of their artistic interpretation of Tom and Brenda Foley's Chrysler engine. Actually, Tom and Brenda'syoung children, Leeza, Mckenzy, and Lez'lee Foley were on hand and were kind enough to share their artistic talents with everyone at the Jeg's Engine Masters Challenge.

Dyno #2 #23 Livernois Motorsports -- Dearborn Heights, MI

The team from Dearborn Heights appeared confident their big-block Ford would make dyno numbers similar to what they were able to achieve at home. Taking full advantage of their thirty-minute tune-up session, they madea few air bleed changes to accommodate the Long Island air. John Lohone decided to go back to the smaller bleed size on the last warm-up pull. "We had some detonationon the first pull, but lost horsepower when we went with the larger bleed. Evenwith some detonation it made more power, so we went with it running a little fat on our qualifying pulls".

Livernois Motorsports -- Ford

Average TorqueAverage Horsepower
Total Score1,251.33

Dyno #3 #22 Barry Rabotnick -- West Bloomfield, MI

Barry Robotnick had his big-block Ford on a DTS dyno just hours before shipping it out to World Products in Long Island, N.Y.; site of the 2005 Jeg's Engine Masters Challenge. After his allotted three warm-up pulls, Robotnick decided not to make any changes on his powerplant. "The air here is like a turbo charger. We made so muchmore power here than back home in Detroit, I just decided to leave it alone. It was just a bit lean, quite possibly on the ragged edge, but I didn't hear it rattle so I decidedto pass on my thirty-minute tune-up time and just let it fly."
Barry went on to comment, "I couldn't be more pleased with the whole competition. Everyonehere has treated us great. I want to thank everyone for making this a great experience."

Barry Rabotnick -- Ford

Average TorqueAverage Horsepower
Total Score1,140.67

Dyno #1 #19 MPG Heads -- Englewood, CO

With an obvious difference in air pressure, Colorado engine builders Bob Moore and Scott Main had to work a little harder to get relative dyno test numbers. In order to prepare for the 2005 Jeg'sEngine Masters Challenge they drove down to Iowa to do their testing. "We have no way to get comparable numbers in Denver," said the three-time Engine Masters competitor, "so we went to Iowa and tested on a DTS dyno where the altitude issomewhat closer to what it's like here in New York."
They knew they hurt the big-block Ford testing in Iowa, but spent agood amount of time fixing the problem, or so they thought. "We may have gotten some bad gas in Iowa which hurt the motor, so we spent a lot of time making repairs in order to be ready for thecompetition.
When we saw consecutive declines in today's warm-up pulls, we knew we didn't fix the problem so we would just end it right now instead of wasting anyone's time."

M.P.G. Heads -- Ford

Average TorqueAverage Horsepower
Total Score0.00

Dyno #3 #18 Mile High Performance & Pro Built Engines -- Englewood, CO

Drama played a huge part in today's competition for Jay Kidwell and his crew at the2005 Jeg's Engine Masters Challenge. Not just the fact that 'Pro Built Engines' ownerRich Martin was hospitalized last week and wasn't able to make the trip from Colorado,but during the warm-up pulls the big-block Chevy managed to shear off the ring gear.With only twenty minutes left on the clock for their tune-up time, the crew of Kidwell, Wayne Gill, and Fred Morgan had to quickly remove the broken ring gear whichwas logged between the flywheel and the engine block. They soon discovered the coil had been damaged as well. With time ticking away, they replaced the coil and ring gear witha mere two minutes left on the clock.
Being from Denver, the variance in air led Jay to start the day with a "fat" tune-up duringtheir first round of warm-up pulls. "We actually went a little crazy when we removed the engine from the crate here at the 'World Products' facility. "I didn't want to causeany damage by being too lean. Normally we would have had more timeto lean it out, but because of the ring gear issue, we had to go with the jetswe had in there. If we make the finals, we'll have more time to get our tune-up wherewe want it."
With zip ties and a bit of luck, the Colorado engine building team was able to continue on in the competition by completing three successful qualifying dyno pulls.

Mile High Performance & Pro Built Enignes -- Chevy

Average TorqueAverage Horsepower
Total Score1,186.00