Dyno #2 #36 -- Pump Gas Performance -- Newport News, VA.

Donald Williams -- Chevrolet
'Pump Gas Performance' team captain Donald Williams, son of Charles Williams andmember of 2-time JEMC runner-up 'W Enterprises', came into the 2005 Jeg's EngineMasters challenge confident his big-block Chevy would be able to tally a final score somewhere around 1,300. Unfortunately during his warm-up pulls he heard a knock, asure indication of a wounded soldier.
Donald, being the true competitor, went on with his qualifying pulls knowing good and wellhe wouldn't be able to pull a number close to what the stout Chevy was capable of justa week prior.

Pump Gas Performance

Average TorqueAverage Horsepower
Total Score1209.33

Dyno #3 #38 -- Blair Racing -- Pylesvville, MD

Gary Blair -- Ford
Unfortunately, Gary Blair from Blair Racing wasn't able to summon up any good luck during his first round of qualifying. His big Ford arrived at World Products without ever running on the dyno in its current configuration. He choose to warm-up conservatively, and his glowingred headers indicated that his warm-up pulls wouldn't be the best. He choose to change his oil during his 30-minute tuning period, and when trying to restart the engine, found the distributor shaft seized. Blair, unable to find a replacement distributor in the 16 minutes of tuning time he had left, and had to withdrawal from competition as a DNQ.

Blair Racing

Average TorqueAverage Horsepower
Total Score0.00