2:00 - Team #26 - Raceheads/Chrysler

Raceheads experienced some parts delays in preparing the team's Chrysler Hemi entry, resulting in bringing their engine to competition with zero run or test time. The engine fired for the first time ever when hooked to the dyno for qualifying competition. The engine fired up without issue, but the realities of a raw combination plagued the team, with a final score of 1864.6 showing.

Pull # 1 2 3 Avg
Torque 401.5 404 402.8 402.8
Horsepower 391 392.7 391.2 391.6
Final Score - 1,864.8 @ 426 CI

3:00 - Team #25 McKeown Motorsport Engineering, Inc/Ford Motor 1

The Mckeown Motorsports came to the show with a 2-valve Ford Modular motor, an engine type that is allowed in competition for the first time this year. Displacing a mere 281 cubic inches, this engine is the smallest displacement powerplant in the competition, and also the only one with overhead camshafts. While that alone is enough to distinguish this as a unique engine combination, Mark McKeown took things one step further, equipping the engine to be fully functional with either a conventional carburetor or electronic fuel injection. The engine exhibited good performance, posting a score of 2459.1 points, putting the team in the current fourth place position.

Pull # 1 2 3 Avg
Torque 334.2 344.5 334.2 334.3
Horsepower 320.1 320.4 320.3 320.3
Final Score - 2,329.4 @ 281 CI

4:00 - Team #24 - SKMFX Engines/ Dodge

A new competitor in this year's Challenge is SKMFX, fielding the only Mopar Wedge big block of the event. The 471-cube engine showed plenty of potential, however achieving desirable fuel curve seemed to be an elusive goal on this combination. With difficulty at the lower end of the curve, the overall score achieve was less than the team had hoped for, though the engine did complete the required pulls to completion.

Pull # 1 2 3 Avg
Torque 542 548 545 548.3
Horsepower 530 526 524 526.7
Final Score - 2,282.4 @ 471 CI