9:00 - Team #30 - TM Enterprises/Ford

Anticipation was high as our first engine hit the dyno to open the 2009 Engine Masters Challenge.

Fielding an impressive-looking 534 ci Boss Ford big block, the dual-quad and tunnel ram equipped entry from TM Enterprises had all eyes on the dyno. The engine experienced moderate detonation in the warm-up pull, drawing heavily on the heavy air at our host UNOH dyno facility. Taking full advantage of the allotted tune-up period, Eric Simone and crew fattened the mixture and pulled timing to bring the big Ford into its sweet spot. The team set our first numbers with a score of 2465.7

Pull # 1 2 3 Avg
Torque 673 671 668 671
Horsepower 648 646 644 646
Final Score - 2,465.7 @ 534 CI

10:00 - Team #29 - Corey Short/Chrysler

Coming in just after the Boss Ford was the Hemi Chrysler entry from the Short team, setting the stage for a Ford/Mopar Hemi showdown reminiscent of the heyday of racing past. The team was put to the test as an electrical issue in the ignition created a no-start condition on the dyno. The team executed a quick change of the complete ignition system in the allotted time, and the Hemi fired to life. The engine pulled cleanly and easily to the upper limit of our test range, with no signs of distress or detonation. However when the numbers were finally tallied, the dual-quad Hemi fell in behind the front runner Ford with a score of 2252.9.

Pull # 1 2 3 Avg
Torque 595 588 584 589
Horsepower 574 568 565 569
Final Score - 2,252.9 @ 514 CI

11:00- Team #28 - SEMCO Performance/Pontiac

Pontiac experts Semco Performance came to the event packing a stout-looking 407-cubic inch Poncho. This engine bucked the trend of most builders by forgoing the option of running multi-carburetion in favor of a single four barrel. These veteran Engine Masters Competitors came to the dyno knowing what to expect, and well-prepared. With the cool calmness of experience working for them, the team went through hook-up, warm-up and the tuning period like seasoned professionals. The effort cumulated in the scored pulls, with 2415.1 points showing on the board. Although the score was not sufficient to take the lead from the TM Enterprises entry, we congratulate the Semco team on their fine effort.

Pull # 1 2 3 Avg
Torque 502 502 500 501
Horsepower 482.8 482.8 479.9 481.7
Final Score - 2,415.1 @ 407 CI

1:00 - Team #27 - Automotive Machine & Performance/Ford

There's no denying that this year's Challenge has brought out some exotic machinery. Automotive Machine and Performance brought another Boss Ford big block to the contest, this being a 432-cubic inch version with dual quads on a tunnel ram intake manifold. This experienced team had the Ford up and running with no problems, and by the heavy thump in the cell the engine sounded strong. The warm-up pulls showed the engine running a little rich, and adjustments were made to the jets and air bleeds during the tuning period. The team continued with their tuning regime, adjusting out a touch or timing. These adjustments paid off with an improved output, putting the score for the engine at 2554.1, enough to put the team in the current second position.

Pull # 1 2 3 Avg
Torque 544 537 536 539
Horsepower 528 522 520 523.3
Final Score - 2,459.1 @ 432 CI