Welcome to this years competition which again is sure to be a dazzling dyno shoot-out. Last years winner, Tony Bischoff is back again to defend his title against Jon Kasse, Judson Massingill and boys from School of Automotive Machinists.

As always, check here for Daily Updates of each day's competition along with photo's and dyno results. We would like to also thank all of our sponsors who are involved and help make this a great one of a kind event.

The 2008 JEG'S Engine Masters Challenge winner is - Jon Kaase Racing with final score of 2,587 @ 403 cubic inches! Click the Friday Updates Link Below to see all the final Scores!

The Finals
We went into the finals with a new format in which the competitors are blind to the scores until the end of the competition. In contrast to previous years in which the scores are revealed while working through the ladder, the score required to win was anyone's guess. With this format, there would be no sandbagging or holding back, as competitors gave it everything their engines had. When the dust cleared Jon Kaase prevailed to win the 2008 Engine Masters Challenge with his phenomenal Cleveland Ford. With a low-end torque hit at the bottom of the rpm range that resembled a bulldozer, the points for the Kaase team piled on for a convincing win.

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