Late Model Muscle
So far, we have focused more on retrofitting an earlier conventionally equipped engine to a programmable EFI system, but what about modern iron? Factory LS-series Chevys, Mopar Hemis, and Ford Mods are all very good engines, and fully computer-controlled in OEM application. Scalping one of these mills and installing it in your project can offer exceptional power and efficiency, but what about the controls? Trying to adapt an OEM engine management system is very complex, and these engines have no provisions for distributors, carbs, or any of the old familiar components. FAST has solved the problem with its E-DIST II setup, which, as the name implies, is an electronic "distributor." The E-DIST II makes the XFI brain compatible with these high tech engines. The unit takes signals from the factory sensors, and will run the factory ignition systems and coil packs. A fast harness plugs right into the OEM components, and it is tuning as usual with the XFI. Better still, as technology changes in the OEM world with things like sensor readings, different trigger wheels, and other updates, the E-DIST can be upgraded to make it compatible, simply by downloading a data file.

EFI has come a long way in terms of becoming a viable alternative to conventional carbs and ignition in high performance street or even many forms of race applications. For late model engine types, up-to-date and compatible electronic control systems are a must-have, especially in retrofit applications. However, don't contemplate the swap to EFI looking for big power and torque gains, because the reality is that a comparable, well-tuned carb system will make essentially the same power, if the same basic induction and engine configuration is used. EFI came into its own with the unrivaled tunability to optimize the system for any running situation, and its ability to compensate on its own. The drivability of a well-tuned injection system is demonstrated every time you drive a modern vehicle. That, and controlled efficiency, are reason enough to consider EFI. However, EFI can offer a tremendous advantage in engines boosted with turbos or centrifugal superchargers, where the control of an EFI system can't be matched. EFI systems also allow for advanced "dry" manifold designs, where taking advantage of ram tuning can add tremendous torque gains. It's becoming a digital world, and in the world of engine performance, EFI is leading the way.

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