1,700HP TWIN TURBO LS1 Parts List
Iron 6.0 L Truck block (bored to 4.005 mm, a receiver groove 0.008 deep, 0.060 wide added in the deck for a 0.041 inch diameter stainless O-ring, the coolant passages filled with Hard Blok and oiling system reworked)

Air Flow Research heavily welded on by W2W, then CNC'd ports and chambers by ET Performance. Machined with an O-ring groove 0.028 inch deep, 0.038 wide and O-ring installed.

Head Gasket
SCE copper

CrankCallies 3.500 inch (shorter than stock to achieve 5.7 L), 2.000 inch diameter rod journals

Oliver 6.125 inch long, billet steel with 0.040 inch diameter 'lube tubes' drilled from rod bearings to pin bore to oil pin/piston bore

Mahle Pro-Series forged 2618 aluminum (which has four more pin boss ribs and a strong material than their PowerPak series) with 0.29 inch dish

Total Seal 0.043" gapless top, 0.43 cast second and 3 mm standard tension oil

Clevite H - mains
Federal Mogul - rods

Main Girdle
Wheel to Wheel Powertrain, _ inch thick aluminum machined to fit

Valley plate
Wheel to Wheel Powertrain, 1/4-inch thick aluminum billet machined to fit

Oil pan
ARE cast 3 stage, dry sump

Oil pumps
Dailey 3 stage, Dailey 1 stage and factory GM

Dry sump tank

Fram HP remote

Braided Line

Intake system
GM Performance Parts open plenum aluminum manifold (pn 88958675)

Throttle Body
Wilson 105 mm

160 lb/hr Bosch
Fuel pump
Aeromotive 'muchomucho' 2700 lb/hr at 100 psi crank drive, running 'jackshaft-style' setup off Dailey single stage pressure oil pump shaft

Turbo System
Two Precision Turbo, 80 mm inlet

Turbo tubing
3-inch diameter 6061 aluminum 0.065 inch thick inlet from turbo to intercooler, 4 inch diameter 6061 aluminum 0.65 inch thick

SPD stainless exhaust flanges 1 7/8 inch primaries 321 stainless steel, 0.55 inch thick 2 _ inch stainless steel merge collector 3 _ inch 304 stainless steel tubing turbo exhaust

Turbonetics (leftover parts from Moran)

1,800 hp-rated intercooler cut apart and reconfigured to flow bottom to top, 10x8.5x5 inches

Valvetrain ValvesDel West, 2.180/1.600 inch intake/exhaust, 5/16-inch intake and 11/32-inch exhaust stems

K-Motion, 1.650 inch, 350 lb/in seat, 900 lb/in over the nose

Del West Ti

Del West Ti

Jesel 1.7:1 custom-made non-LS1 ball-mount rockers, moved up and out tie bar for better ratio with bigger holdown bolts, solid adjuster nut for strength

Jesel 1/2-inch tapered, cupped top end

Jesel solid roller

Cam Motion, 0.750/0.750 inch lift, 250 degrees duration at 0.050 inch valve lift, gun drilled

Front drive
Billy Briggs and Denny Dera hand-fabbed using Jones off-the-shelf pulleys, and machining up pulley mount on the harmonic balancer to drive the cogged belts

Water Pump
Meziere electric billet aluminum

Superior Radiator (many 'ballooned' in the quest for a 6 second elapsed time)

Valve covers
ARE cast units with built in oiling system, 'extended' on inside rail to clear hopped-up Jesel rocker system

Head to Block ARP _ inch studs, 4.750 and 7.00 inches long (these were an existing ARP part originally built for a KB aluminum block) Main caps to block W2W custom-ordered these from ARP at 5.400 and 4.700 inches long (10 of each--with the long ones to hold the girdle in place)

ARP standard bolts that come with the Oliver rods

Engine Controller
Big Stuff III tuned by Rich Gala

Big Stuff III and nitrous 'helper' system integrated by Greg Santavy

Maximum Engine Speed
8900 rpm (measured off crank wheel installed in stock location on back of crank)

The Guys That Made it Happen (in alphabetical order):
Billy Briggs, Chief Engine Builder
Jim Bell, General Technician
Bill Blair, Machinist
Whitey Brown, Fabricator
Denny Dera, Lead Fabricator
Rich Gala, Engine Controls
Frank Lamborghini, Fabricator
Mike Moran, Driver, car owner
Rick Rasmussen, Fabricator/General Tech
Greg Santavy, General Technician
Kurt Urban, Director of Operations
Brian 'Ham Salad' Walkuski, Engine Builder

About the author
Will Handzel is the author of what has become the defining book on the Gen III LS1 engine family, How to Build Max Power Chevy Gen III LS1 V8s, so he is perfectly suited to talk about this engine. If you want to know more about the LS1 engine, order his book today through www.cartechbooks.com or by calling 800/551-4754.

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