The Engine Masters Challenge has done more than just bring a few new engine builders into focus. It's created a whole new market for racing engine dynos and Dynamic Test Systems (DTS), the official dyno system used in the EMC, have taken that subject to a whole new, exciting level. Now, whether your shop is huge, or you're running engines on a homemade stand in your backyard, you to can have an official Engine Masters Dynamometer System!

The EM-2000 has dual water valve control, a built-in starter, an engine docking cart, and industrial-grade design and construction for superior reliability. The EM-2000 is the only dynamometer to feature cross-vented rotor design, which relieves internal pressures to allow faster and smoother water flow. Along with its unique porting and vane design, the EM-2000 is the most accurate water brake in load control. It gives you smooth, fast control during sweep/acceleration testing and finite steady-state rpm control for mapping and endurance testing. EM

For just $39,870 the EM-2000 Engine Masters series dynamometer from DTS includes:

*Dual-rotor dynamometer power absorption unit, 2-inch stainless steel mainshaft1,000hp, 10000-rpm, 1,000 lb-ft continuous capacity rating, bi-directionalhigh-speed torsionally compliantdriveshaft
*Fixed-base dynamometer stand with driveshaft safety guard
*Engine starting system with 2kW starter
*Heavy-duty engine docking cart with four adjustable jack-screw uprights
*Digital dual-valve dynamometercontrol system
*Torque calibration arm
*Thermostatically controlled, wall-mount, heavy-duty engine cooling column
*Two control joysticks (dyno speed and throttle position)
*Electronically controlled remote throttle actuator system
*Switch panel (power, ignition, engine start, emergency stop, hp range, and throttle travel adjust)
*Six switching relays
*High-speed industrial computer system
*17-inch flat-panel color computer monitor
*Computer keyboard
*DTS 000G comprehensive data acquisition and control system
*Graphical software environment
*Powerful integrated data analysis and graphing package
*17 calculated channels
*Variable speed, inertia-corrected sweep testing
*High-speed modem
*DynoCom customer support software package
*Hewlett Packard DeskJet color printer
*All connecting cables (35 feet standard)
*Measured channel configuration (each with high/low warning and shut down)
*Engine rpm
*Engine Torque
*Fuel flow 0-80 gph
*Fuel pressure
*Oil pressure
*Oil temperature
*Engine coolant temperature
*Fuel temperature
*Dynamometer outlet water temperature
*Three-channel automatic weather station (percent R.H., barometric pressure, and ambient air temp)
*Training - All DTS systems include two days training at our facility in Shingle Springs, California; on-site training is available by special quotation
*Ongoing support is available direct from the factory via DynoCom at no charge

Options and Additional Equipment:

*PM-15D Upgrade to aluminum bronze Powermark absorption unit 2,000 hp, 15000 rpm, 1,500 lb-ft, continuous capacity $850
*DTS - DCS Additional engine docking cart $2,450
*DTS - 1633 Engine mounting kit - One each rear engine mount $1,485
*DTS - 1204 Universal flywheel drive adapter $475
*DTS - 1095 Additional starter $625
*DTS - 12XX Rear engine mounts various block patterns available $750
*DTS - 1007P Pressurized engine cooling column (in exchange forstandard column with system) $1,900
*DTS - 1240 Tilton flywheel drive adapter $495
*DTS -1248 GM Crankshaft inertia drive adapter $550
*DTS - 1212 GM Crankshaft adapter button$375
*DTS - 1650 Additional CV Joint $850
DTS - LMD Lambda system for fast and accurate A/F ratio (priceper channel) $1,825
*DTS - EAF Air Flow System for engine inlet (connecting hose toengine not included) $5,800
*DTS - JTB Engine blow-by system $2,850
*DTS - 1420 Additional pressure transducer $330
*DTS - 1493 Vacuum transducer -15/+15 psi $330
*DTS - 1438 Additional type "K" 6-inch thermocouple w/armorshield $85
*DTS - 1616 Additional Flow Transducers Consult Factory(water, oil, different fuels, etc...)

Terms and Conditions:

*30 percent due with purchase order
*70 percent due at time of shipment
*All sales are FOB Shingle Springs, California, for domestic use only
*Freight charges are collect unless otherwise arranged
*Prices do not include any taxes that may be applicable
*All orders are subject to acceptance by factory, Shingle Springs, California


A dynamometer measures engine torque by transforming the rotating torque at the crankshaft to stationary torque. The stationary torque can then be measured with a scale or, more precisely, a strain gauge.

A waterbrake has vaned impellers (rotors) attached to the mainshaft. The mainshaft is then attached to engine's crankshaft. So the rotor/mainshaft assembly spins at the same rpm as the engine. The impellers rotate within an enclosed watertight housing. The inside of this stationary housing also has vanes. When water is induced into the housing the rotating vanes force the water against the stationary vanes. This force causes the stationary housing to try to rotate and also applies resistance or load to the crankshaft. The more water allowed into the housing, the more load is applied. The entire housing assembly, better known as the absorption unit, is suspended in a trunion assembly that supports the unit and at the same time allows it to rotate. To stop the absorption unit from completely rotating it is restricted by a strain gauge that measures the force trying to rotate the absorption unit. This measured force directly correlates the amount of rotating torque being "absorbed." The energy of the torque and rpm is converted to heat and carried away by the water flowing through the absorption unit. The size of the absorption unit and number of rotating impellers determine the torque absorption capabilities of the over all assembly.