In the May '05 issue of GMHTP, we began our installation of Vortech Engineering's centrifugal supercharger kit on our '04 GTO. As those of you who have read the last installment already know, the system delivers 7-8 psi of aftercooled boost via Vortech's V-2 compressor, and the kit is advertised as adding 131 horses at the crank. Those lucky readers also are aware that we are hoping to see over 400 at the rear wheels, having spun the dyno rollers with the power of 302.7 horses before beginning the install.

We got as far as bolting the blower itself on in the last issue. Now, follow along in the photos as we finish off the installation on our Phantom Black automatic test car by adding the blower ducting and aftercooler system. We promise that full results will follow in our next issue--but just to whet your appetite, we'll tell you right now that Vortech's advertised power increase was conservative, to say the least! Until next time, sweet dreams...

Vortech Engineering LLC
1650 Pacific Ave., Dept. GMHTP
Channel Islands
CA  93033
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