Like many 10-year-old Z28 Camaros, ours also had a complement of bolt-on performance parts that it had accumulated over the years. The following parts were already on our test car when our baseline dyno test was performed. Some of the items listed have a direct bearing on the power output to the rear wheels (such as the exhaust and cold-air package) while other items have an impact only on the street or at the track (such as gears, wheels/tires, differential, or shift kit). With the exception of the Holley throttle body airfoil, all the items listed were in place for the dyno test after the installation of the Edelbrock Performer LT1 package. It is worth noting that most people considering the Edelbrock Performer LT1 package will either have similar items or will get them soon. These basic bolt-ons are the low-lying fruit which should be harvested before any additional major mods are completed, and as you can tell, our stock-engine test car was ripe for the head and cam package.

Item:Part No.:
SLP cold-air intake package21014
SLP 3.42:1 ring & pinion w/Zexel heavy-duty diff.64048A
SLP reluctor gear26029
SLP weld-in subframe connectors70802
SLP driveshaft loop65050
SLP 160 degree thermostat100224
SLP manual fan control switch63011
SLP LT4 driveshaft64273
Holley throttle body airfoil120-140
Dynotech Performance Hi-Pro 4L60E transn/a
TransGo 4L60E Shift KitTRG-4L60E
Precision Industries Vigilante torque converter2800-rpm stall
Hooker 1 5/8-inch shorty headers2062
Corsa cat-back exhaust14144
Dynomax 3-inch Super Cat15143
BMR lower rear control armsTCA002-R
BMR LCA relocation bracketsCAB002-R
BMR adjustable Panhard barPHR002-R
BMR adjustable torque armTA001-R
BMR lowering springsSP001
Nitto NT555RII Extreme (front)275/40R17
Nitto NT555R Drag Radial (rear)315/35R17
Topline Products "Bullett" 17x9 front wheels1119-7961S
Topline Products "Bullett" 17x10.5 rear wheels1119-7161S

Item:Part No.:
Edelbrock Performer LT1 cylinder heads (2)61909
Edelbrock Performer LT1 camshaft2108
Edelbrock 52mm throttle body3809
Bosch spark plug wire set09753
Bosch oxygen sensors (2)15703
Champion spark plugs (8)RC-12YC
Comp Cams timing chain set3206
Comp Cams pushrod set7940-16
Mr. Gasket LT1 head gasket set5715
Mr. Gasket LT1 intake gasket set135G
Mr. Gasket valve cover gasket set5867
Mr. Gasket one-piece oil pan gasket6561
Approximate Parts Cost (mail order):$2300
Edelbrock Performer LT1 Cam Specs-- Part No. 2108
Advertised Duration286 degrees (intake & exhaust)
Duration @ .050-inch218 degrees (intake & exhaust)
Lift @ Cam:.350 inch
Lift @ Valve:.525 inch (1.5 rockers)
Lobe Separation Angle:112 degrees
LT4 Hot Cam Specs (reference)
Advertised Duration272/281 degrees
Duration @ .050-inch210/228 degrees
Lift @ Cam:.328-inch
Lift @ Valve:.525-inch (1.6 rockers)
Lobe Separation Angle:112 degrees
Stock '93 - '95 LT1 Camshaft Specs
Duration @ .050-inch202/207 degrees
Lift @ Valve:.450/.460-inch (1.5 rockers)
Lobe Separation Angle:116 degrees
Edelbrock Performer LT1 Heads--Specifications
Head Bolt Torque65 ft.-lbs. (steps of 40, 55 & 70)
Rocker Stud Torque45 ft.-lbs.
Combustion Chamber Volume54cc
Deck Thickness5/8 inch
Valve SeatsHardened ductile iron (compatible with any fuel)
Valve Size1.940-inch intake, 1.550-inch exhaust
Valve Spring Diameter1.450 inches
Valve Spring Installed Height1.800 inches
Valve Spring Seat Pressure120 lbs. seated, 340 lbs. @ .600-inch lift
Max Valve Lift.600 inch