In a world where technology has brought us overhead cams, veritable cam timing, high-powered, small-inch, "efficient" engines, factory offerings with over 10:1 compression made to run on pump fuel, and a whole slew of other titillating innovations, it's nice to see that cubic inches are still the way to make big power and huge torque. But what if you equipped your big-inch monster with one modern concession? What would it be? How about a 542ci, pump-gas swilling, aluminum-headed, asphalt buckler with fuel injection? Imagine no cold-start issues and unparalleled drivability. Now imagine 665 lb.-ft. of torque at a mere 4,500 rpm and 624 eager horses at a low 5,100 rpm! The kicker? All that is available on 87-octane pump dribble.

This Indy Cylinder Head/Milodon-built wonder is the perfect recipe for a modern street engine. With enough torque to turn the Earth on its axis, the convenience of fuel injection, and the ability to run all-day-long on the worst possible gas, we would say that Indy scored a home run, a field goal, and a knockout. All we know is that this is the wave of the future with enough oats to push even a cruise liner into the 10s.