When gathering the components with which to build an engine, the inclination is to primarily focus on those parts that are critical to performance; camshaft, cylinder heads, intake system, etc. More often than not, minimal thought is given to the fasteners that hold everything together. Perhaps that's because top engine builders know that the folks at ARP (Automotive Racing Products, Inc.) have everything well in hand.

ARP's patented Wave-Loc(R) rod bolts do an admirable job of beefing up OEM connecting rods, and their heat-treated chrome moly cylinder head and main studs (or bolts) are a popular industry standard. But what about all the "little stuff?"

Fortunately, ARP has made it easy for anyone assembling an engine to do the job right by packaging everything from oil pan bolts to a distributor hold-down bolt in one convenient kit. It's all organized, nice and neat, so it's easy to keep track of all twelve fastener groups. What's more, ARP's Engine & Accessory Kit costs substantially less than what you'd pay if you bought the fasteners separately.

The kits are available in polished stainless steel, which will enhance any engine's appearance (and won't rust, chip or peel like chrome plated bolts), or in black oxide finished 8740 chrome moly. Both are nominally rated at 170,000 PSI tensile strength --easily 30-60 percent stronger than commercial grade hardware. You also have a choice between standard hex or 12-point heads. Kits are available for ten different engine families, from small-block Chevys to "FE" Fords and beyond.

In addition to these comprehensive kits, ARP offers polished stainless steel and chrome moly bolts by function (i.e. a set of intake manifold bolts) or by size. You can now get any size bolt, from _-inch to 7/16-inch, in any shank length from _-inch to 5-inches (in quarter-inch increments), in either coarse, fine or metric thread. They come in handy 5-packs; matching nuts are available.Using quality fasteners is cheap "insurance" for long-term engine reliability. Don't forget a "policy" on your next engine build.

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