How to Get a Dyno Ready
Along with running the dyno at DYNOMotive, Eric Weinrich is an expert when it comes to carburetion and ignition systems. When he's finished tuning an engine, you know it's as good as it's going to get. But, as talented as Eric is, there is something that can be done to help the process and make the best use of the dyno time available--arrive prepared. It's not uncommon for first-timers to show up for a dyno session and then waste valuable time rounding up parts, su plies, and information. To help make the most of the opportunity, here are a few simple tips:

Make sure the engine is complete with all components including:

water pump
fuel pump (if mechanical)
flexplate or flywheel
thermostat housing
distributor or magneto
oil filter
spark plug wires
pulleys, crank, and water pump.

oil and a second filter
fuel minimum of 10 gallons
spare spark plugs

Engine Specifications
bore and stroke
cam type and specifications

Block Shop(machine work and balancing)
801 S. Lakeview Ave., Ste. E, Dept. EM
CA  92870
Pro Machine (valve job, block prep, assembly)
808 Lakeview Ave., Ste. D, Dept EM
CA  92870
Bob McKray Performance (relief)
25672 Taladro Cir., Ste. F, Dept. EM
Mission Viejo
CA  92691
Red's Headers (lifters)
22950 Bednar Ln., Dept. EM
Fort Bragg
CA  95437
Dyno-Motive(dyno testing/tuning)
809 Lakeview Ave., Ste. L, Dept. EM
CA  92870
Roadrunner Engineering (air flow/computer simulation)
P.O. Box 53296, Dept. EM
NM  87153
Dick Crawford Designing (adjustable jets/fuel fittings)
19134 B Avenue of the Oaks, Dept. EM
CA  91321
Speedway Motors(engine parts)
P.O. Box 81906, Dept. EM
NE  68501
Jere Jobe(carburetors/ignition)Vintage Carburetion North
145 Looking East Dr., Dept. EM
MT  59932
Total Seal (rings)
22642 N.15th. Ave., Dept. EM
AZ  85027
Motor City Speed Equipment (oil pump/filter)
14245 Stowell Rd., Dept. EM
MI  48131
Vern Tardel (engine stand)
464 Pleasant Ave., Dept. EM
Santa Rosa
CA  95401
MSD (coil, plug wires)
1490 Henry Brennan Dr., Dept. EM
El Paso
TX  79936
Wilcap/ Sharp Equipment (heads, intake manifold, flywheel)
P.O. Box 763, Dept. EM
Pismo Beach
CA  93448