No matter what your automotive persuasion, there's no denying the magical allure of the Chrysler Hemi. And with Madison Avenue going ga-ga over the H-word these days, maybe its time you answered "yes" the next time somebody asks; "That thing got a Hemi in it?" We can hear you whine; "But they're sooooo expensive." Well yes and no. Thanks to Stage V Engineering (SVE), you can base your next Hemi project on a common 440 wedge block, saving thousands of bucks, and nearly 100 pounds, over a traditional cross bolted Hemi bottom end. And with basic preparation, the 2-bolt 440 bottom end can handle as much as 800 horsepower. Best of all, with the bucks saved you can step up to some serious cubic inches, courtesy of a 5/8-inch stroker crank with Chevy Rat motor big end dimensions.

With a whopping 520 cubes of displacement, the SVE Hemi conversion motor outlined here out-guns many of the popular crate Hemis but costs way less. Better still, thanks to the lighter wedge block and aluminum heads, it tips the scales at only 607 pounds complete, has a conservative 9.8:1 compression ratio for 91octane pump gas friendliness and hardened intake and exhaust valve seats so you can beat on it to your heart's content with unleaded fuel. We sure do.This one is bolted into a 1967 Dart that weighs 3,400 pounds, makes 600 horsepower (501 horsepower at the tires), runs 10.99's at 127 on 10-inch slicks and 4.10 gears, yet cruises comfortably in any traffic situation Southern California can dish out. So far it's got over 5,000 miles of trouble free street and strip action.

Though SVE doesn't sell complete engines like some outfits of late, when you buy their Hemi conversion kit, you get two fully assembled aluminum heads with all the required valve train parts that are ready to bolt on to the short block of your making. This way you can be certain of the quality and craftsmanship because you (or your machine shop) built it yourself.

Since they began selling Hemi conversion kits in 1987, SVE has accumulated an extensive knowledge base of what works best and supplies every customer with a complete recipe that eliminates mystery while ensuring the finished engine hauls butt. The wedge-to-Hemi conversion process requires Hemi-specific pistons, a Hemi-specific camshaft, Hemi pushrods, Hemi valve covers and Hemi exhaust, but once the wedge block is Hemi-ized, any Hemi style factory induction setup bolts right on. Lets watch as Dale Reed, proprietor of Dale's Place, in Baldwin Park, CA, puts one together.

Stroker Hemi Conversion Ingredients List
Displacement: 520ci
Horsepower: 600 at 5,460 rpm
Torque: 625 lb-ft at 4600 rpm
Compression Ratio: 9.8:1
Bore/Stroke: 4.350 x 4.375
Bore/Stroke Ratio: 0.994:1
Rod/Stroke Ratio: 1.55:1
Maximum Safe Engine Speed: 7,500 rpm
Recommended Shift Point: 6,500 rpm
Bottom End
Block: 1969 Chrysler 440 wedge
Crank: Keith Black 5/8-inch stroker
Balancer: Mopar Performance PN 3830183
Rods: Crower 4340 steel PN 93911B
Pistons: Arias forged high silicon PN 291-828-01
Piston Pins: Arias taper wall 0.990 x 2.75-in., tool steel
Rings: Speed Pro, chrome moly PN R-9278/35
Main Cap Fasteners:ARP 9/16 main stud kit PN 140-5401
Oiling System
Oil Pan: Milodon 7 quart -- PN 31010
Oil Pump: Milodon high volume -- PN 18790
Oil Pickup: Milodon 1/2-inch id -- PN 18330
Oil Drain Line Kit: SVE
Type: SVE Hemi conversion
Valvesprings: Crower double w/damper PN 22441
Valvespring Cups: Manley PN 42122
Valves: Manley 2.20/1.90 Severe Duty stainless PN 11516/11901
Retainers: Manley Ti PN 23661
Locks: Manley 10-degree PN 13093
Lash Caps: Manley PN 42101
Valve Seals: Pioneer neoprene w/ Teflon inserts
Rocker Assembly: SVE roller rockers
Adjusters: Manton 3/8
Pushrods: Crower 3/8 chrome moly PN 70399
Rocker Covers: SVE cast aluminum
Rocker Cover Gaskets: SVE high density composite
Head Gaskets: SVE / Fel Pro
Head Bolt Kit: SVE Grade 9
Spark Plug Tubes: Mopar Performance PN 4120294
Type: Crower mechanical roller PN33471 (298/304- adv dur. 0.626/0.631- lift, 106-LS
Lifters:Crower mechanical roller, oiling type PN S-66232
Timing Chain: Cloyes double roller PN C-134
Thrust Button: Crower Torrington-style PN 86091
Intake Manifold: 1968 Street Hemi, (plenum modified)
Intake Gaskets: SVE high density
Carburetion: Dual Edelbrock 750-cfm Performers with chokes removed PN 1407
Distributor: MSD Pro Billet PN 8546
Amplifier: MSD 6AL PN 6420
Coil: MSD Blaster 2 PN 8202
Wires: MSD HeliCore, 8-mm. PN 31289
Timing Specs: 34-deg. BTDC
Spark Plugs: Accel U-groove PN 111
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