Last year, we introduced readers to Ron Shaver and shared a look inside his spacious facility. We also followed Ron's efforts toward winning the Challenge with his well-crafted 366-inch entry. When we announced the parameters for the big-block version of the Challenge, it coincided perfectly with the launch of Pro-Topline's new aluminum big-block Chevy cylinder head.

Shaver Specialties, Ron's company, is a distributor for Pro-Topline, and he was as anxious as we were to see how these heads would perform on a 470-inch mill. The head design is new, and having a formidable engine designer like Shaver to work over a set may set the standard for streetable sets of Pro-Topline products. Could these very heads become the blueprint for stock replacement-type products to be offered from Pro-Topline? We're not sure, but we are certainly hopeful!

Last year, a broken spark plug porcelain kept Shaver from the Finals. This year, we intend to see how well one of his engines can perform on all eight cylinders. We were quick to note how his engine was still able to produce better performance numbers on seven cylinders than some other competitors made with eight, so we're certainly anxious to see the results of Ron's research.

Check out the photos, and see how Ron Shaver is planning to make a strong impression on the street engine market. He's armed with heavily-researched heads, a tremendous facility, and plenty of experience. We know he'll be digging for every Engine Masters Challenge point (as both horsepower and torque numbers contribute to the final score), so pay close attention to his words. They come from much experience, and from the determined mind of a man with something to prove.

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