Quotient Numbers Used to Determine Final Positions

Dyno scoring quotient numbers minus points deducted for each specific infraction shall determine the final positions of each participant.

Final Elimination Ranking

The top five scoring participants in qualifying will comprise the top five participants to compete in the Final Eliminations round. The top five scoring participants will compete on the same dyno. A random drawing for running order of the top five participants will take place to determine their running order in final eliminations.

Final Elimination Dyno Pulls

The five finalists may remove, adjust, repair, and/or replace any part or component on their engine under Engine Masters official presence the day of final eliminations for a time period not to exceed 30 continuous minutes. If a component is replaced that is an item that is a "tech item checked component,” such as a carburetor, the item will be checked for legality before a replacement item is permitted. If the removed item is deemed legal, a replacement item is permitted. If the item is deemed illegal, the engine will be disqualified from competition. When the 30 continuous minutes period has expired or the 30 continuous minutes period has been forfeited by the team leader, the participant will be given 35 minutes plus whatever time was carried over from the qualifying session to use as the participant chooses. For scoring purposes, during this 35-minute period plus whatever time was carried over from the qualifying session, the participant is required to make a minimum of three medium acceleration scoring qualifying pulls rpm in any order the participant deems acceptable.

The team leader must be present during his dyno pulls, no exceptions. Dyno pulls and allowable work time prior to the dyno pulls during the final rounds session will be conducted as follows: Engines will be placed on an assigned dyno. Participants will assist the on-site officials and dyno facility personnel in completing the necessary dyno connections and final engine assemblies. Each participant will then be required to review and sign a dyno checklist form, which confirms the engine is ready to compete. The participant may make any changes or any number of pulls during the above time period. At the completion of the permitted time, the participant then selects the three pulls to be used for scoring purposes. The participant's engine shall be removed from the dyno.

Rule Category 2013 Street Division 2014 Competition
Displacement 400+ CID Unchanged
RPM Range 3,000-7,000 3,000-6,500
Fuel VP unleaded 100 octane To be announced
Compression Ratio 11.5:1 max Unchanged
Carburetor 1.750-inch bore max four-barrel and other legal four-barrels as per rules Unchanged
Carb Spacer/Gasket Height Limited 0.625 inch Limited 2.00 inches
Carb Intake Manifold Cast four-barrel Unchanged
EFI Legal Throttle body configuration limited
Oil Pan Commercially available. Dimension and configuration limited. Pan spacers prohibited
Camshaft Hydraulic Hydraulic
Heads OEM style Two-valve OEM style
Block OEM style OEM style
Pistons 0.043 minimum compression rings Minimum 0.035-inch compression rings
Cam Drive Beltdrive prohibited Unchanged
Valvetrain OEM style Commercially available

AMSOIL Returns as Title Sponsor

When it comes to high-performance engines, effective lubrication is mandatory for longevity and durability, and it is no secret that the oil selection can actually contribute to power production. AMSOIL has been a leader in synthetic lubricant technology since its inception in 1972, and product development has been an ongoing progression ever since. What better venue to demonstrate the capabilities of AMSOIL than the Engine Masters Challenge, an event that pits some of the most competitive engine builders in the country in a head-to-head battle. AMSOIL will provide for the lubrication needs of all of the competition engines for the 2014 event, and with so much on the line, the builders can depend on the protection these lubricants deliver. We are grateful for the support AMSOIL is providing to the Engine Masters Challenge, and we are sure our competitors will appreciate the technology and protection of the AMSOIL family of lubricants.

Important Deadlines and Dates

January 2, 2014 Begin acceptance of applications
February 18, 2014 Cutoff date for applications
March 1, 2014 Participant and alternate selections
March 14, 2014 Entry fees and rules acceptance due
August 15, 2014 Publication of official dyno run schedule
August 22, 2014 Team information sheet due
September 5, 2014 Hotel room block release date

VP Racing Fuels Official Fuel of the Challenge

VP Racing Fuels will once again be fueling the fire for the 2014 AMSOIL Engine Masters Challenge. The gasoline used in competition is literally a matter of life or death for many of the engines, with the potential for detonation or pre-ignition to put an end to a competitor's efforts. For 2014, VP Racing Fuels has stepped in as the Official Fuel, offering high-octane insurance against the ravages of detonation-induced engine failure. For competition, the engines are slated to run on a VP unleaded fuel to be announced. With VP fuel, our competitors can turn up the power with confidence. We appreciate the support of VP Racing Fuels, and we are certain our competitors will appreciate the quality of this fuel as much as the power it is sure to unleash.

SuperFlow and DTS Back at the Engine Masters Challenge

SuperFlow and DTS will once again be a part of the 2014 AMSOIL Engine Masters Challenge. "We're very excited to be a part of the event," said Mike Giles, marketing manager for SuperFlow. "The Engine Masters Challenge is a great event for our customers, and we want to support it and them any way we can."

After merging in 2011, SuperFlow and DTS have been busy streamlining their engine dynamometer lineup and integrating key staff into the new organization. The goal: to offer a set of engine dynos that are unrivaled in terms of quality, innovation, and performance.

UNOH Official Host for the 2014 AMSOIL EMC

We are pleased to announce that, once again, the annual AMSOIL Engine Masters Challenge will be hosted at the University of Northwestern Ohio. With a huge range of varied engines to handle and dyno-test, there is no shortage of work to be done for the duration of our week of competition. It takes a crew with plenty of know-how and discipline to get the job done. We are thankful that our hosts at UNOH have the situation handled, and even more grateful for the experienced students from the school's high-performance motorsports program.

Whether handling the very highly developed competition engines or working to assist the profession engine builders, the student assistants from the UNOH have demonstrated their skills and inspired confidence in their abilities. The affiliation of the AMSOIL Engine Masters Challenge with UNOH provides a unique opportunity for our staff, the many aftermarket sponsors, the competition engine builders, and the students to work together in making the competition a success.