Engine Masters Challenge Sponsors

Fel-Pro Gaskets
Engine gaskets are hardly a glamorous part, usually only attracting attention when they fail. What the average guy may miss is what the professionals of the Engine Masters Challenge all know: Gaskets are no place to skimp on quality. Engine gaskets must seal against fluids, as well as take extreme pressure. At the least, a faltering gasket will result in embarrassing leaks; while at the worst allow water contamination of the oil or loss of cylinder pressure. The stakes are too high for builders to roll the dice. Fel-Pro continues to be a popular choice for the competitors who know how important gaskets are. Fel-Pro is continuously advancing the construction and materials used in automotive engine gaskets, and they are the first choice of many of the country's leading engine builders. Visit www.Federal-Mogul.com for more information.

Speed-Pro Engine Bearings
Speed-Pro builds engine bearings using materials and alloys engineered for demanding applications. They tailor bearings to withstand punishing racing conditions and are proven winners in NHRA, NASCAR, and IHRA competition. Speed-Pro engine bearings include a patented contoured-flange design that increases thrust load capacity, and a three-quarter-length oil groove that enhances lubricity without compromising load capacity. The materials in Speed-Pro bearings offer a variety of advantages, such as high durability, corrosion resistance, decreased rate of wear, and increased fatigue strength. These advantages are all essential features for performance engines that need to withstand punishing racing conditions. That's why builders in the Engine Masters Challenge choose Speed-Pro. Visit their website at www.Federal-Mogul.com.

Speed-Pro Pistons
Federal-Mogul designs and engineers pistons to meet the most demanding street performance and racing conditions. They draw upon more than 100 years of Federal-Mogul engine experience to enhance their design for performance and reliability. The Speed-Pro brand is recognized for being a winner in every form of racing and is the proven horsepower leader in oval track and drag racing. Speed-Pro has built a reputation for performance engine components. Meeting specific needs-from increased durability to reduced weight, higher temperature demands, or excellence in oil control-Speed-Pro can give you the advantage. For more info, click on over to www.Federal-Mogul.com or call 248-354-7700.

Rockett Brand Fuel
Rockett Brand Racing Fuel focuses on formulating top performing racing fuels designed to outrun anything on the track, strip, street, or dirt. Their fuels aren't mass produced or branded with cute names to disguise their octane and performance characteristics. They are blended with exacting care, employing proprietary formulas crafted from over 50 years of motorsports fuel leadership and with the involvement of leading race teams, engine builders and sanctioning bodies. In the winner-take-all world of racing where an "edge" is measured in just fractions of a second, no two fuels perform alike, regardless of similarities in octane ratings. Rockett Brand fuels offer the level of formulation tolerance and blending consistency that racers and engine builders count on to dial in their engines for maximum power. Visit their website at www.RockettBrand.com or give them a ring at 847-795-8400.