VP Racing Fuels – Racing Unleaded

VP Racing Fuels introduced two new unleaded, nonoxygenated race fuel blends: C20 and VP Unleaded Extreme. Each offers significant performance gains over other unleaded fuels on the market, according to Jason Rueckert, VP’s regional manager-Midwest. “As with any VP fuel, C20 is best in class, but you could say VP Unleaded Extreme is in a class by itself!

“C20 is an improvement on VP’s popular C10 race fuel with increased power and torque, along with a significantly higher octane rating of 103 (R+M/2) for better detonation protection,” Rueckert said. “It can handle 30 pounds of boost and compression ratios up to 12:1, plus its RVP is higher for better vaporization in naturally aspirated engines.

“VP Unleaded Extreme can be used with lots of boost or naturally aspirated, or as a ‘concentrate’ to mix with other unleaded fuels to increase the performance and octane,” Rueckert continued. With a Motor Octane (MON) rating of 110—5 points higher than any competitive fuel company’s highest rated unleaded fuel—its detonation protection is unparalleled.

For more information, check out vpracingfuels.com or call (812) 878-2025.

Demon – Blow-Through Carbs

For turbocharged and centrifugal supercharged applications using a bonnet, Demon has launched three new Mighty Demon Blow-Through carburetors. Operating with up to 18 psi of boost, they are available in 650, 750, and 850 cfm.

To increase the vacuum signal to the carburetor under boost and to enrich the calibration, they are equipped with annular boost venturii, large screw-in power-valve channel restrictors in the metering blocks, and 0.130-inch needle- and-seat valves in the fuel bowls. The bowls also contain non-collapsible solid nitrophyl floats. Air bleeds are appropriately sized. These new calibrations are said to hold a flat fuel curve.

On the bottom side of the baseplate, machined, right-angle channels are visible. These introduce a source of boost pressure to four machined grooves on the throttle shafts. This innovation seals the shafts and prevents pressure escaping from the carburetor. For security, screw-in vacuum fittings replace the common pressed-in types.

For further information, call (270) 438-2039 or visit demoncarbs.com.

Jon Kaase Racing – Oil Pump

One of the main problems with the big-block Ford engines is oil pump failure. The casting develops a fracture at the section change around its mountings, which rapidly propagates like a soundwave and the oil pump falls into the oil pan without warning. It is a sobering, unwelcome drama that’s best avoided. To survive this hazard, Jon Kaase Racing Engines introduced a robust, upgraded, cast-iron oil pump in April 2009.

Now the firm has released details of a new, vastly lighter aluminum version to supersede its earlier iron units. Available for front sump or rear sump applications, these new Kaase pumps retain their sturdy, long-section mountings and use the same impeller mechanism employed on their championship-winning Kaase 820-cid Pro Stock engines. Equipped with dual oil feeds to the rotor to improve idle and high-rpm oil pressure, they are supplied with the necessary gaskets and the highest grade ARP mounting studs and 12-point nuts.

For further information, call (770) 307-0241 or visit jonkaaseracingengines.com.


The brand-new electronic dash from FAST provides a plug-and-play, live-streaming data viewer for all versions of XFI systems and is also capable of making popular on-the-fly tune changes. Designed to make harnessing the power of FAST XFI systems even easier, the XFI eDash lets users view multiple sensors in real time and make popular adjustments without any software, laptops, or switches. This direct plug-and-play unit is compatible with all FAST XFI and XFI Sportsman units and offers an attractive, modern, electronic digital dash that is small and compact yet very readable.

The full-color, touchscreen hand-held doesn’t require a laptop or software, as the unit automatically senses which EFI system it is attached to. The plug-and-play capability is available due to the fact that it connects using the current XFI wiring harness Calport connector. The unit features multiple live data sensor screens, which include various electronic digital dashes comprised of commonly desired combinations of sensors. The eDash will show up to 20 different live sensor values at one time. The unit logs both minimum and maximum sensor readings, letting racers and enthusiasts record these values easily and conveniently. The FAST XFI eDash includes a suction cup and articulating quick-release mount, making dash or window mounting easy.

Get the scoop at fuelairspark.com or call (877) 334-8355.

Mahle – Cleveland Pistons

Mahle’s new Ford Cleveland PowerPak is an off-the-shelf, drop-in, race-ready piston kit loaded with features and value. Forged from a proprietary MS124 alloy, Mahle’s pistons are CNC-machined to incredibly accurate tolerances, allowing decreased piston-to-wall clearance. Unlike competitive brands, Mahle’s high-performance pistons are deburred and dual-coated from the factory for quick installation and flawless break-in right out of the box.

The phosphate dry film lubricant coating that gives these pistons their characteristic gray color resists microwelding and galling in the pin bore and ring grooves. Grafal, a proprietary Mahle skirt coating, reduces scuffing and frictional drag while cushioning the piston at rockover for reduced piston and cylinder wear, giving longer component life.

Available in both flat-top or inverted-dome configurations, these piston kits are machined to maximize power in any Cleveland canted valve cylinder head engine. Precision pin fitting and forced pin oiling are standard, and every PowerPak comes complete with race-inspired round wire locks, high-quality German steel pins, and 1.5mm, 1.5mm, and 3.0mm low-drag rings.

For more information, visit mahlemotorsports.com or call (888) 255-1942.

COMP – Roller Lifters

New Sportsman Solid Roller Lifters from Comp Cams are designed to be a premium, re-buildable upgrade over Endure-X Lifters and a value alternative to the Elite Race option. They are offered in two configurations: a traditional needle bearing axle/wheel design or an optional bronze bushing axle/wheel setup. Each design features two pressurized EDM oil feeds as well as an edge-orifice feed to the wheel. This delivers a more reliable oil feed than most competing options. Sportsman Lifters are also designed with a shallower oil band than competitors’ versions for increased strength and rigidity, while internal machining helps to reduce weight. The body utilizes a skirted wheel that strengthens the lifter ears, and the skirt also provides more contact area with the lifter bore for further lifter stabilization.

In addition, staked axles eliminate clips and provide robust axle retention. This feature increases the stiffness of the lifter ears and helps prevent the ears from spreading. Sportsman Lifters are built from 8620 premium steel for increased strength and wear resistance and feature a captured, stainless steel link bar design. The lifters also utilize a tapered and slotted link bar tower for reduced weight and improved aesthetics. Overall, they weigh less than the Endure-X option. Finally, they feature a tall body to enable use in both standard and 0.300-inch-tall lifter bores. These lifters are available for big-block Chevy, small-block Chevy, small-block Ford, and big-block Chrysler/Hemi applications, with more applications coming soon.

Visit compcams.com or call (800) 999-0853.