Eagle Specialty Products – Connecting Rods

Eagle Specialty Products is a favorite sponsor among the Engine Masters Challenge competitors. The company’s high-strength connecting rods are built to go the distance, and yet this quality is maintained at a reasonable cost. Eagle has consistently been one of the top suppliers of connecting rods for the engines in the AMSOIL Engine Masters Challenge. With reliable service and a reasonable cost, the value is built into every set of rods. With good parts, a broad product line, and proven durability, it’s no wonder why. You can take advantage of the same qualities that make these rods so popular with our competition’s engine builders by selecting Eagle rods for your own engine build. Whether shopping for stock replacement-style rods or more exotic units, check out its complete line of high-performance rods at eaglerod.com or call (662) 796-7373.

Innovators West – Crank Damper

At an event like the Engine Master Challenge, the serious builder leaves nothing to chance. Even items that would normally seem insignificant can make the difference between a win or a loss. One such product is the harmonic damper, a seemingly simple device designed to damp crankshaft vibrations. We noticed the unique damper from Innovators West and had to ask for more information about it. Those crank dampers look nothing like the common dampers you might be used to seeing.

The Innovators West dampers are actually friction dampers, incorporating an internal wet-friction clutch pack. Spring-loaded inertia rings work with the clutches to provide the damping action. Does it work? We had a chance to question Kaase about his choice of the Innovators West damper, and he informed us that it simply made more power than anything else he tried. That is a pretty compelling reason to run one. If you want to know more about these dampers, get the scoop at innovatorswest.com or talk to the guys at (785) 825-6166.

MSD – Ignition Systems

The MSD team includes highly trained engineers, technicians, assembly specialists, and a host of performance enthusiasts. Together, this organization designs, develops, tests, and manufactures the entire line of MSD products, including ignition controls, coils, timing accessories, and spark plug wires. MSD, housed in three buildings, has the resources to put into product development, with facilities including four engine dynos, two chassis dynos, and complete CNC machining centers.

MSD ignition controls are known throughout the world for their performance and reliability. There is an ignition control for every application, including your daily driver, turbos and blown engines, circle trackers, as well as a variety of special applications. MSD has been a consistent favorite of the builders of the AMSOIL Engine Masters Challenge competition. When reliability and performance count, there are few manufacturers that deliver the goods like MSD. Visit the company at msdignition.com or call (915) 857-5200.

Mahle Motorsports – Pistons

Mahle supplies some of the highest quality engine parts available. Several of these applications have only been available from the OE dealer until now. Mahle offers you many applications not available from other manufacturers and prides itself on being first to market. The development and production of pistons and engine components have always been some of the Mahle Group’s core activities.

Mahle is the world’s leading producer of pistons. Its engineers work closely with customers in designing high-performance components to meet specific needs in the most economical and reliable way. Pistons are designed to achieve the lowest reciprocating masses, minimize oil consumption and blow-by, and provide maximum wear resistance. To find out more about Mahle’s complete line of pistons, visit us.mahle.com or call (888) 255-1942.

FAST – Fuel Injection

FAST stands for Fuel Air Spark Technology, and when you take those things into consideration, what you have is total engine control. What the team at FAST strives for is providing the performance enthusiast with a one-stop shop for any fuel injection need. FAST has been an innovator in EFI control systems, bringing the power of modern electronics within the reach of professional and novice performance fans alike. With fuel injection allowed for the first time at the ’09 Engine Masters Challenge, it was no surprise that the leading fuel-injected engine was operated by a FAST engine management system. Whether you are looking for a state-of-the-art multipoint injection system or a simple TBI, FAST has the components to bring the advantages of EFI to any engine. To learn more about the varied product line from FAST, call (877) 334-8355 or visit fuelairspark.com.

Edelbrock – Intake Manifold

Two of the keys to manufacturing a great product are research and development. Edelbrock’s dedicated R&D team is comprised of engineers who are also automotive enthusiasts. They understand what it takes to design a product that improves performance because they know how it feels when a vehicle is running at optimum power levels.

Edelbrock has several styles of aluminum intake manifolds to fit different applications. Each style of manifold has characteristics that make it ideal for the application for which it is intended. Years of design and testing in the area of induction technology have given the Edelbrock team invaluable insights into which characteristics work best under which conditions. Whether you’re building a daily driver, ultra-high-performance street machine, or a motor for the Engine Masters Challenge, an Edelbrock intake manifold will provide the power right where you want it. Find out how Edelbrock can help you get the most from your engine at edelbrock.com or call (310) 781-2222.