Contingency Sponsor: Pistons/Piston Rings/Bearings

Forged under 3,000 tons of pressure, Speed-Pro's Powerforged pistons have fully updated skirt profiles with Speed-Pro's DuroShield skirt coating that provides scuff resistance, reduced bore clearances, and enhanced ring sealing. Powerforged pistons are built to stringent specifications with a precision CNC-machined dome and skirts and microfinished ring grooves. Speed-Pro's HellFire rings are engineered to thrive in extreme racing conditions. Manufactured from a specially hardened and tempered ductile iron material, they retain tension under the most brutal operating conditions including engines relying on mega doses of nitrous oxide, and high boost from turbos and superchargers—with no flaking ever. Speed-Pro's Duroshield bearings deliver performance and race-winning durability, and they have a micro-thin molybdenum disulfide polymer base coating that becomes part of the bearing and absorbs oil for high lubricity and low friction. Find out more about all Speed-Pro's components at 800-325-8886 or log on to www.Aftermarket.FederalMogul.com.

Scat Enterprises
Contingency Sponsor: Connecting Rods/Crankshafts

Connecting rods are subject to tremendous loads, and any failure guarantees catastrophic engine destruction. These days, SCAT supplies affordable connecting rods that take power and reliability to levels impossible with old factory rods. SCAT rods are certainly not a one-size-fits-all product, with a wide range of journal and pin dimensions and overall rod length available right out of the catalog. There are a variety of H-beam and I-beam rod configurations designed to meet the needs of your specific application, from upgraded stock replacement to all-out racing. For over 40 years SCAT has been manufacturing and distributing parts for the performance aftermarket, building success on innovation, quality, and customer service. High quality and durability is why Scat is the choice for many AEMC builders. To find out about SCAT and their broad range of connecting rods, go to www.ScatCrankshafts.com or call them at 310-370-5501.

Stef's Performance Products
Contingency Sponsor: Oil Pan

There's a lot more to an oil pan than its name implies—at least that's the case when it comes to serious high-performance engines that you depend on mile after mile. Fluid containment is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to oil pan design; a well-designed oil pan is in reality a lubrication control system that must meet the needs of supplying lube to the engine under all load conditions, while minimizing oil entrainment, windage, and aeration. Stef's Fabrication Specialties is a leader in the field of lubrication control because of their ongoing commitment to the race teams they work with, and their innovative approach to oil control strategies that lead to higher power output, reduced parasitic loss, and improved reliability. It's true that top engine builders everywhere turn to Stef's for precision-built oil pans and oil-control products when winning matters, but Stef's also offers a wide range of quality street products in aluminum and steel for use in street/strip and Pro Touring cars at a price the street enthusiast can afford. To find out more about Stef's oil pans, log on to www.Stefs.com or call 732-367-8700.

Total Seal
Contingency Sponsor: Piston Rings

The tolerances on high-quality pistons needs to be extremely tight to be effective, but they're not the part that truly seals in the power of internal combustion. That job falls to the piston rings and a good thin set that seals properly while minimizing drag makes all the difference in the world. Plus, the rings need to respond properly to the insane levels of stress, heat, and cylinder speed found in racing engines. In terms of regular street use, good rings are also one of the key components of longevity since keeping cylinder walls in good shape and compression up is all the difference between an engine with good, high cranking compression, and a tired, smoky one with compression. For 2013, the AEMC competitors can rely on Total Seal's years of racing experience for their piston rings. We can attest from our experience, Total Seal's gapless rings can make an impressive difference in an engine's power curve. Find your application by calling 800-874-2753 or visiting their website at www.TotalSeal.com.