McKeown Motorsport Engineering
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Mark McKeown has always brought small-block Ford powerhouses that were among the healthiest ever to see competition. The knowledge gained in EMC competition, plus a wealth of expertise in drag racing, has resulted in McKeown Motorsports' new Titus Cleveland block in both cast-aluminum alloy and cast iron. The Titus block is designed with many new features, including a larger bore capability (4.202-inch max), and a redesigned oiling system with mains priority oiling. On Titus blocks, the main webs have also been designed solid for the greatest amount of material with a 4.38 bore center, and the cam tunnel has been configured to allow stock and larger base circle cams with stock or larger cam bearings. Moreover, the Titus is available in the standard 9.2-inch deck height or 9.5 deck height (custom deck heights are available by special order). During the 2012 AEMC, McKeown Motorsports used a Titus aluminum block to build a 444ci Cleveland that made 932 hp with Edelbrock SC1 heads (shown). For more info, call 301-932-9292, or log on to

MSD Ignition
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Whether you're racing professionally or prowling the streets, an ignition system failure will leave you dead in the water. Reliability goes hand in hand with performance, and when a company delivers both, it's a winning combination. No other company has rivaled the presence and reputation of MSD in ignition systems. Anywhere performance and racing engines are found, so too are MSD ignition products. It takes years of delivering products that get results to achieve the unique following and widespread acceptance of a company like MSD, which is why EMC competitors trust them. The MSD team includes highly trained engineers, technicians, assembly specialists, and a host of performance enthusiasts. Together, this organization designs, develops, tests, and manufactures the entire line of MSD products including ignition controls, coils, timing accessories, and spark plug wires. MSD is housed in three buildings and includes four engine dynos, two chassis dynos, and complete CNC machining centers. Visit them at, or contact them by phone at 915-857-5200.

Contingency Sponsor: Engine Controller

Though Megasquirt engine controllers are not well known to the general domestic hot rodding community, they have over the decades built a strong following among hard-core fuel-injection enthusiasts and engine builders for their robust engineering, large feature set, and cost effectiveness. Megasquirt's range of stand-alone engine management systems are intended for DIY installation, and most of those installs are of the self-tuned variety. Megasquirt offers the homegrown hot rodder a variety of engine control systems, ranging from the entry-level batch-fire fuel-control–only type, all the way up to the sequential multi-port variety with ignition control and full water immersion resistance. Moreover, Megasquirt systems support over 50 different ignition modes, including GM LS1 and Chrysler Gen III Hemi. Most systems also offer features like closed-loop operation, wide-band control, staged injection, knock control, wide-band AFR target tables, and diagnostics as standard. Better yet, you'll find the prices on Megasquirt engine control systems to be exceptionally affordable, so if you're looking to go EFI, log on to

Performance Distributors
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We've used DUI distributors in many of our high-powered project cars at Popular Hot Rodding, and they've always proven powerful and reliable, year in, year out. Their robust HEI construction is designed to operate reliably up to 9,000 rpm, and the DUI's performance is further aided by a high-output, high-dwell Dyna-Module, an integrated high-output coil, a no-resistance rotor bushing, and a hand-fitted advance system. Racers can also opt up for the instant timing knob, which allows fast and accurate changes to ignition timing without the need for a timing light. DUI distributors are available for small-block and big-block Chevy, Buick V-8, Oldsmobile V-8, Pontiac V-8, Cadillac V-8, Ford small-block (Windsor and Cleveland), Ford FE, Ford 429/460, Chrysler small-block, Chrysler big-block (low-deck and RB), Chrysler Hemi (first- and second-gen), and AMC V-8. Find your Performance Distributor parts by calling 901-396-5782 or log on to

Racing Head Service (RHS)
Contingency Sponsor: Cylinder Heads

Racing Head Service (RHS), the legendary innovator of cylinder head technology, is putting serious research and development into high-performance cylinder head design. Possessing one of the most advanced cylinder head manufacturing foundries in the world, RHS is making their presence known as a leader in the performance cylinder head world. RHS has released a wide range of cylinder heads for a variety of popular engine combinations, from improved OEM replacement-style iron cylinder head assemblies to their line of deep-breathing aluminum performance castings. These heads are designed with outstanding power, durability, and long- lasting value as the primary goals. This makes RHS cylinder heads perfect for both race and street performance applications, allowing an engine builder or enthusiast to select the right cylinder head for a specific application and budget. For more information on RHS, check out their website at or call their tech line at 877-776-4323.

Ross Racing Pistons
Contingency Sponsor: Pistons

With some of the most sophisticated design and analysis software, a dedicated line of forgings, and modern CNC machining centers, it's no wonder Ross Racing Pistons are used by top engine builders and racers around the country. Ross stocks a large selection of forged racing pistons for Ford, Chevy, and Chrysler, but they also have the capability to design and build any custom piston for any situation, including pistons that replicate your combustion chamber from your mold. Ross has one of the most comprehensive selections of general purpose forgings anywhere, and their use of low-silicon 2618 alloy with a T61 heat-treating process has superior antifatigue properties that all but guarantee your high-performance race engine will go the distance. Custom touches such as gas porting, lock removal indents, and no-cost-added pin oilers are just some of the precision features Ross customers have come to rely on over the years. For more information on Ross Racing Pistons, check out their website at or call their tech line at 310-536-0100.